An introduction

Audio Matrix Barcode, QuQu is a platform to send data over sound. It is intended as a way for many kinds of device to communicate over the air. It uses bionic technology and sound to achieve rapid documents transmission. Because the sound is very similar to biological insect crickets’ cry, therefore this technology and the corresponding products was named QuQu which was a Chinese pronunciation for “the crickets”.


The general two-dimensional code uses the geometric to transfer information. Audio Matrix Barcode uses bionics technology and sound to achieve files transmission over sound. Any device with a speaker and a microphone can use it to transfer pictures/texts/links and share an item on Sina Weibo or share vCards with others. You don’t need any data lines.

Windows APP-QuQu

In addition to support the iOS platform, it also released applications for Windows platform which can realized sharing information cross-platforms.

Future use-cases

QuQu is an audio protocol based on broading. It has been designed for extension into many use-cases where it would be impractical to use the existing network technologies such as:

1, File transmission Through recognition of audio matrix barcode, it can establish transmission links between devices and achieve documents, photos, MP3s and videos transmission. 2, Social function By means of sound recognition, it can transfer vCard, realize Sina Weibo attention and achieve Weixin sharing. 3, Sharing features "Sound Share" feature can share your information through Sina Weibo and Email. 4, Electronic payment Send a payment request via audio matrix barcode, the received one will realized payment. 5, Audio matrix barcode movie tickets Audiences transfer audio ticket via mobile phone to the ticket collector, and the ticket collector checks the ticket through his mobile after receiving the audio information. 6, Access Control Company staffs make their attendance records by mobile audio ID recognition. 7, Additional features of the game Players sent each other props face-to-face. 8, Coupons Stores issuing coupons through television advertising or broadcasting to mobile phones, users verify the coupons at the reception. 9, Broadcasting function At the venue, speaker use broadcasting to send vCard to audiences.

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