The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) is a United States private nonprofit professional organization for healthcare practitioners dedicated to the prinicples of infection control. APIC has a membership of 14,000. APIC concentrates its efforts in the hospital, nursing home and home health settings.


APIC strives to limit the cause and spread of infections by:

  • Collection, and analization of healthcare data to monitor infection trends, and plan interventions with other established public health agencies.
  • Prevention of nosocomial infections by identifying sources of infections and stopping their transmission.
  • Creation of scientifically valid infection control prevention techniques for all healthcare practitioners.
  • Establishing education programs for healthcare practitioners and the public in the field of infectious diseases.

APIC has a central office governed by an elected board of directors comprising four officers and nine to 12 directors. In addition, APIC has 124 regional chapters across the United States. Each chapter has their own elected officers and volunteers. Moreover, APIC offers a selection of areas of infection control concentration called sections. APIC also offers awards every year to healthcare practitioners who have been recognized as leaders in infection control advancement.

APIC publishes magazines, journals, articles, and case studies.


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