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Ashneel Jaynesh Prasad (11th October, 1993) was born in Lautoka Hopsital, Latoka, Fiji Islands. His parents were Jaynendar Prasad and Surita Devi. Ashneel also has one elder brother.


Ashneel completed his primary education at Lautoka Arya Samaj Primary School from years 2001 to 2006. His class 1 and 2 education was completed at Saru Mahatma Ghandi Memorial School. In 2007 Ashneel joined Lautoka's Tilak High School in order to complete his secondary education. He completed his form 7 education in 2011 at Tilak. In 2012 February, Ashneel enrolled at Massey University- Albany Campus to complete his Bachelor in Communications Studies degree. He is currently at Massey completing his 1st year.


Ashneel along with his migrated to New Zealand on 10th December, 2011.


Ashneel Prasad is considered to be the youngest writer in Fiji's literary history to make it big. In 2009, while reading a piece of article in one of the local newspaper, he grew angry at the order of events and decided to write and oppose about it in the newspaper. His first article got published, then 2nd got published and gradually letter after letter began to appear in the newspapers and soon he became a household name in Fiji.


At first no one knew that Ashneel Prasad was infact a high school student that was making a very big impact in Fiji's literary work. One day Ashneel's english teacher found out Ashneel is brain behind those letters. She spoke this with her husband, who co-incidentally was the biggest name in Fiji's newspaper writers, Allen Lockington. Next thing anyone knew, Allen wrote a letter to recognise Ashneel and his contribution, and Ashneel gained mass popularity and soon became the role model of thousands of students.


Ashneel's letters and work and very different then what normally are. Ashneel likes to raise issues that are normally sidelined. He has written articles on topics such as teenage pregnancies, Marijuana planting, cell-phones in school, corpal punishment, women's right, environment issues among many others.


Ashneel Prasad, while being a bright student and brilliant writer was also a very well known social worker in Lautoka. Ashneel from 2010 till December 2011 was a member of Fiji Red Cross Society. From March 2011 till November 2011 Ashneel also served as the Youths President of Fiji Red Cross Society's Lautoka branch. In may 2011 Ashneel headed a rally at Churchill Park where he brought the media, Minstry of Health, Lautoka city council to draw attention to the increasing number of beggars and Commercial sex workers and recognise their needs. In this event he along with his group also provided food to 20 such beggars and 25 commercial sex worker.

Social Network Site

Ashneel Prasad also has a page on Facebook where he continues to write provoking and rather issues that are normally not spoken of.


2009- Ashneel was nominated for Fiji Times "Young Leader Awards" 2010- Ashneel was a finalist and recipient of Fiji Times "Young Leader Awards" 2011- Ashneel recieved the award of Kaila "Design Your Own Newspapers" Best Young Writer, along with FJ$100 cheque and one week attachment with Fiji Times 2011- won 4 best letter (week) and 1 best letter (month) by Fiji Times and Fiji Sun.


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