Ashley McCubbin is a motorsports journalist and the president and owner of Sunset Informative.

Biographical Information

Ashley is currently in her fourth year of University in the Media Studies program at Guelph-Humber. She has a facination for racing and a passion for photography, that she has combined in many ways.[1]


As a motorsports journalist, she has covered a variety of different forms of motorsports, while conducting interviews with many different personalities.

In November 2010, she started as the writer, editor and publisher of News From The Pits, which is part of the FanvsFan Network. Her content varies from NASCAR to ARCA to IndyCar to local short track Ontario racing action.

In July 2010, she started writing articles for Speedway Media on NASCAR, ARCA and IndyCar. In April of 2012, she became the assistant publisher and editor. [2]

In January 2011, she became the Ontario Stock Car Racing News writer and editor for SmokeTronix.

In March 2012, she began writing for about motorsports in Ontario.

In May 2012, she began writing for Sunset News, which is the book that they hand out at Sunset Speedway in Innisfil, Ontario.

During her third year of university from January 2012 till April 2012, she worked on the University of Guelph-Humber Radix. She wrote articles for the sports section, while also doing some articles for other sections. She was also the social media director, running the website's twitter account.

She was a journalist for from December 2008 till June 2011, writing articles about NASCAR and ARCA.[3]

Sunset Informative

Through her company Sunset Informative, she takes photographs at various race tracks throughout Ontario. Ashley can take the photos that you see here and has experience with having taken photography classes in high school and university. The 2012 race season will be her fourth year officially doing photography.

She also can edit the photos to whatever discretion you would like via training with Photoshop.

She also specializes in website design, via the web design class she took in University and knowledge she learned along the way. The Sunset Informative website is all her design. She also has designed websites for other drivers. [4] She also designs autograph cards for drivers to hand out to fans on fan appreciation nights.


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