Asaf Labes (born in the early 1980s) is an Israeli man as well as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of eQoppa LTD since August 2009.



Asaf Labes has an International Executive MBA degree and majored in Marketing Management. Also, he holds a B.S.. in Mechanical Engineering, and B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering.


Asaf Held various positions in several private companies in Israel and in Europe. He started his career as a mentalist advisor for wealthy people, and helping to close up deals for SMB. In additional to the above, Mr. Labes is a partner in one of the biggest car performance parts company in Germany. Asaf also served in several governmental projects, and was one of the first who did the research for finding an electric solution for cars.


Asaf is known as a collector for cars, and hold some of the most exotic cars in Israel. Since he started with his Automotive Engineering, he managed to advice several companies in Germany about the usage of electric solutions.


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