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Where to start? Firstly, it's difficult to find any information about this person because we don't know his full name, and there are a number of possibly-notable Gopalakrishnans whose first names start with "N." If it matters, WorldCat seems to think that it's "Narayanan."[1]

What I have found, though, is a lack of significant coverage of him outside of promotional pieces.[2] The bio details I thought would be easy to verify weren't; for instance, there's no mention of him working at/for the University of Alberta outside of his widely-spread copy/pasted peacock bio.

The article says he has "60 books to his credit," but WorldCat only knows about nineteen,[1] and all of those are self-published, i.e., they don't count towards his notability (note: I don't think he wrote Mental Health and You,[3] as there would have been a thirteen year gap between that and his next book; also, it's only 93 pages and no libraries appear to have it in their collection).

So far as his scientific career goes:

  • The article says he has "50 scientific research papers in national and international scientific journals." Google scholar shows 73 articles by "N Gopalakrishnan" published between 1973-2001,[4] but it's pretty clear that they weren't all written by the same person. I'm guessing that his are the ones about agriculture and food chemistry, which means that his highest-ranked article has 33 citations.
  • The article claims that he has seven patents, but Google can't find any of them.[5]
  • I've found no sign of his "6 awards for scientific research, 9 science popularization awards from India and abroad," or "two fellowships."

All in all: I don't see how he meets WP:PROF or WP:GNG (and the WP:SPAs working on this article haven't helped it any). DoriTalkContribs 01:43, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

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  • Delete due to lack of evidence of notability so far produced. Xxanthippe (talk) 22:39, 16 June 2012 (UTC).

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