Abidmir007 He Borns (Abid Ali Mir) on 05 January 1993 in the Pandrethan area ,Srinagar,Kashmir,India.He's An Arts Student & Continues His Study as he was in class 12th as the year of 2012.There's an interesting story that he's a (SIMPLE HTML DESIGNER) by natural talent and he created his first website with the domain [ ] for islamic religious issues.He's further tries to improve his website more unimaginable without any Html/Website tutions.He started his Simple Html Designing in the year Dec. 2010 till now.He's also famous under the pen name (Abid Jawadi).He Hacked many facebook accounts in 2012 with the help of phishing but later the (Facebook) blocked those links which was especially used for hacking.He always used to hack the browsing domain of mobile ( into ( ,through which he get accessed to use all options on Nokia mobile 2700c.He's Mostly researches on facebook tricks.So,he can make it more fun to use.__| He is the son of pious man (REYAZ AHMED MIR) who's the researcher of Shia Islamic Works.. ...


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