Dr. Fernando Tugay Omadto is a Filipino international researcher and education specialist. The most significant research that he conducted was the Philippine vs. Japan International Public Administration which was done in 2007.[1] Most of his researches were written when he was still working in Trace Computer and Business College [2]as the Dean of College of Education, Arts and Sciences.[3] His research works were all published in the Philippine National Library when he was still serving as Graduate School Research Director at the National College of Business and Arts in 2006.

Some of his notable research works were as follow

  • Abejuela, Armando [4] & Fernando T. Omadto. Assessment on RP-US Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA): Position for Extension or Termination of its Memorandum of Agreement (2007) ISBD 374945.
  • Deleon Alberto & Fernando T. Omadto. Historical Study on Philippine Foreign Debt: Perspective on Philippine Political-economic Condition.(2007). ISBD 374945; Philippine National Library, Manila Philippines.
  • Abejuela, Armando & Fernando T. Omadto. Theories on trade barriers used by the Philippine Business Industry: An Analysis.(2007). ISBD 374945; Philippine National Library, Manila Philippines.

Career in Philippine Government

In May 2009, Omadto started serving the Philippine Local Government in Quezon City [5] under Mayor Herbert Bautista [6]. The Research and Extension (R&E) Department where Omadto was at the helm approved and commissioned 14 research titles to begin a research culture and identify factors for improvement of the Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) on April 27 at the Multi-Purpose Hall Conference Room of the QCPU.[7] The R&E director Annie E. Geron [8], Dr. Ronan Estoque [9] [10], and Dr. Fernando Omadto approved the titles in accordance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order No. 25, series of 1998 [11] for Across Higher Education Research Emphasis on developing the research titles. Each research was funded P15 000 by QCPU.The R&E Committee required all the researches to follow Research Proposal QCPU format and Action Plan based from policy guidelines formulated by Dr. Omadto.[7] They were expecting that researches will be finished at the end of the school year.The approved research titles were as follows:

  • Factors Contributing to Dropout Rates of QCPU I.T. Students: An Assessment.
  • Assessment of the QCPU I.T. Curricula: Benchmark in meeting Industry Requirements.
  • Comparative Analysis Between the Current and Proposed Grading System: Implication to I.T. Students’ Academic Performance.
  • Difficulties of QCPU First Year Students in Science Subjects: Towards a Remediation Program.
  • Effects of Computer-Aided Instructions on Academic Performance of Third year BSIE Students of QCPU: Towards a Model Delivery of Instruction.
  • BSEM Curricular Assessment: A Roadmap to Start a Business.
  • Impact of NSTP on values, morale and commitment of the 3rd year students of SY. 20” Social Science Department.
  • Correlation of Academic Performance and Scholarship Program of QCPU: Towards Rationalizing Scholarship Grants.
  • Teachers’ Attitude, Instructional Capabilities and Learning Environment in QCPU: Determinants of Academic Success.
  • Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Freshmen I.E. students in College Algebra of QCPU SY. 2009-2010: an Assessment.
  • An Assessment of NSTP Implementation in Selected Local Government Universities and Colleges in Metro Manila: Inputs for Policy Improvement.
  • Identifying QCPU Students with Regional Defects: Establishment of Language Remediation Program.
  • Factors Affecting the Performance of Physical Education Teachers: Basis for Policy Formulation.
  • Socio-Economic Impact of QCPU in its Community: Towards Public Service Delivery Model.

Writing Career

In June, 2010 under the Vol. 1 Number 3 of the Monthly Quest of QCPU, Omadto wrote an article entitled “Students’ Behavioral Disorders: The challenge in Education (Part II)[12].The paragraph is in consonance with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO)[13] 1994 Salamanca Statement which calls for the accommodation of all students, regardless of their physical, intellectual, emotional state in an ordinary school.

Another milestone in the life journey of Omadto was his research on possibility of offering graduate studies program in QCPU. Omadto and the Research Committee presented the graduate studies program after undergoing a feasibility study on QCPU’s capability to operate and offer Master programs at the Directorate’s Meeting on March 4, 2011. Research consultants Dr. Fernando Omadto and Dr. Jose Florante [14]did the study in response to Mayor Herbert Bautista’s directives “to look into possible programs for graduate studies in QCPU” in the Board of Regents meeting held at Kor-Phil IT Training Center last August 26, 2010.The scope of the study involved the capability of the faculty and administrators; classrooms, facilities and equipment; feasible graduate degree programs; target clients who will enroll once the graduate school operates; documents such as Circulars, CHED MEMO nr. 32, series of 2010 [15], QCPU Charter; and Board Resolution of the City Government.

Community Service in Quezon City Polytechnic University

One of the hobbies of Omadto is Chess Mastery. During his college days, he earned numerous awards and recognition in the Inter-collegiate and university chess competition. Gifted of brilliant character, the QCPU administrators assign Dr. Omadto to be one of the coaches in chess event during the Philippine Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU)[16] Olympics. In the history of ALCU Olympics Omadto made the QCPU chess team to be the back-to-back champion during ALCU 2011 and ALCU 2012 [17] [18] [19].

Development of Module for Physics

On July 17, 2010, Dr. Omadto designed a Physics module/curriculum for special class of the Quezon City Polytechnic University[25].The General Objectives: For the students to learn the relationship of physics theories and concepts with its real world , their environmental implications, and also to prepare them to face the challenges relevant to everyday life.PHYSCS 111 is intended for students of Quezon City Polytechnic University, which covers the study of standards of measurement and conversion of units, review of trigonometry, composition and resolution of vectors, conditions of equilibrium, friction, motion, Newton’s laws of motion, and gravitation, circular motion, work, energy, power, impulse and momentum, rotation of rigid bodies, elasticity, and vibratory motion.[20]

Family & Personal Life

Dr. Fernando T. Omadto was born in Burgos, Viga Catanduanes on February 28, 1968. He was the third son of Jesus Olesco Omadto, a public school teacher who was married to Magencia Tusi Tugay. Dr. Omadto is married to Marites Clores Fontanilla, a Special Education (SPED) teacher also a specialist for exceptional children. Dr. Omadto's children were Ferdinand Jessie Mar F. Omadto, Dayanara F. Omadto, Diana Rose F. Omadto, La Place F. Omadto and Azy F. Omadto.


  1. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1992)at Eulogio "amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology.
  2. Master of Arts in Physics Education (2001)
  3. Doctor of Education (2004)
  4. Class-07-2006 National Defense College of the Philippines. National Security Administration (2006.[21]


  1. Researcher
  2. Lecturer in Engineering, Masteral level, Doctorate Level and Government Licensure Examination
  3. Education Consultant
  4. Statistical Data Analyst
  5. Thesis Adviser
  6. Chess Coaching, etc.

Work Experience

  • 2009-present.PNP Guest Lecturer Master in Public Administration, Marikina CIty Police.
  • 2010-present. Guest Lecturer Doctor in Public Administration, Distance Learning Program.
  • 2009 - present: QCPU, Research Defense Panel and Consultant,Research Policy Maker & Professor-Engineering Department
  • 2010 - present LLave Review Center, Santa Cruz Manila. Lecturer/Reviewer as Government Licensure Examination
  • 2009-Commissioned as Lieutenant Commander (MAJOR) equivalent to Police Chief Inspector in Philippine National Police, 128th Squadron Philippine Coast Guard
  • 2007-2009 Worked at Trinity University of Asia - St. Luke's College of Nursing
  • 2006 - 2008 National Library of the Philippines
  • 2004 - 2006 Philippine Public Safety College
  • 2006- Graduated from National Defense College of the Philippines
  • 2005 - 2008 Worked at National College of Business and Arts.Director-Department of Research
  • 2004-2006 OSEC-Lecturer ( Criminal Statistics and Research Methods)
  • 2003 - 2004 Started work at TRADOC, Philippine Army & Military Research Data Analyst.
  • 2002 - Worked at Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City
  • 2002 - worked at Trace Computer College, Makati Campus. Dean-College of Arts and Sciences
  • 2002 - Worked at Central Colleges of the Philippines. Mathematics & Physics Professor
  • 1997 - 2002 Worked at OLOPSC, Marikina Cit.Asst. Professor Mathematics and Sciences *1995.
  • 1992- 1995 Worked at MIS Maritime Corporation Cadet Engineer.[22]


  1. Omadto, Fernando T. Japan vs Philippines International public administration / by Fernando T. Omadto. In: NCBA Graduate school research j. 3 (1) Jan - Jun 2007, p. 33-90

Subjects- Topical Terms: International Public Administration. Subjects--Geographic Terms: Japan--Politics and government. Philippines--Politics and government.

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