Arsh tarsikka is a Punjabi singer. He is known for his Punjabi songs. He was born in Tarsikka village near Amritsar. He rose to fame from his single "sirra 2 " .[1] [2] [3]

Early life

He was connected with the music since his childhood. He used to sing songs in his school days too. In Class 6, he sang a song at his school for which he was praised by his teachers and others. While, Arsh tarsikka was doing his 5th from sacrad heard public school, Kapurthala, and 8th at O,V,N Khalsa public school , tarsikka, Arsh tarsikka participated in many singing competitions. .[2][4]


He has done his 10th from s.s.s school , tarsikka. .[2]



  • att di sokini .


  • yarr athrey
  • sirra 2
  • mere yarr
  • Munda gaint
  • sedney


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