About notability: Arka is a artlang which has an a priori conculture and an a priori conclimate which were made from scratch. There are two books published in Arka and Japanese (see below). And there is an Arka community in Japan. An Arka fan teaches the language at his site, he also sells a textbook on Arka at Comic Market. Another fan of translates Arka into Japanese and makes fonts, he's even in the process of making an original shooter game here. There are secondary sources on Arka and it is a well-known conlang in Japan.

Arka is an a priori conlang (naturalistic artlang to be exact) with more than 16,000 words and it has its own conworld. It started in 1991 in Japan. It is spoken on Earth and on an imaginary world called Kaldia.

Arbazard has published two books on the language: Conlinguistics and the Arka Language and Book of Shion.

See also: The official site and An outline of Arka in English


A priori vocabulary (more than 15,000 words)

Detailed descriptions of basic words

Online dictionary (Arka-Japanese dictionary)

Etymological note(s) on every single word in its dictionary

Unique characters and various fonts



Characters for Arka

They are called hacm, which is basically 20 consonants and 5 vowels.


consonants: t, k, x, s, n, v, f, m, d, g, p, b, h, y, c, r, z, j, w, l

vowels: a, i, o, e, u

X is pronounced like SHake, craSH. C is an alveolar trill, (like in Spanish "peRRo") J is done like the "s" in "viSion". Other characters are pronounced literally like they are spelled.


SVO. ti siina oma. = You like dogs.

NA. miik har = red apple




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