Arash Howaida (born in 1980 in Afghanistan - Kabul) is one of the modern Hip Hop and Pop Afghan artists and composers. Arash currently resides in Hamburg, Germany and is the son of late popular Afghan artist Zahir Howaida.

Known for his hit songs "Laila"[1] (in Persian, German and Arabic) and "Alah Alah"[2], Arash is best known for his ability to successfully introduce and combine hip hop and dance beats into music. His compositions and music is influence from western musics. Beside songs in his mother-tounge, he has also sang songs in Arabic and Hindi. He aswell published 5 more tracks, which are Yaarakem[3], Dunya[4], Labakait[5], Dukhtare Afghani[6] & Wahh Wahh[7]. All 5 of them received very positive feedback and Arash is about to publish his highly paitiently awaited Album "NEXT LEVEL".

Arash has Directed and assisted in the composition of songs and albums for Afghanistan´s artists .

Arash Howaida has worked with many great Artists together such as Zahir Howaida, Habib Qaderi, Bashir Hamdard, Seeta Qasemi, Sear Azizi, Najim Nekzad, Aria Band, Fardin Faryad, Samir Yawar, Samir Rohesh, Shakib Mossadeq, Matin Osmani, Rashed Samir, Shakib & Laili Zahedi, Kambiz Yari, Nizam Donya, Syed Fahim, Edris Durani, Homayun Sahebzai & Kaneshka Omar.

Aswell Arash Jane Howaida has now started, besides arranging songs and albums for many artists, directing professional music videos for Afghanistan's musicians with "Orient Pictures". The music videos which he has directed include his own song "Wahh Wahh", his late fathers, Zahir Howaida, "Khodawanda"[8] , Habib Qaderi's "Bia Bia Azizam"[9] and Samir Yawar's "Bia Bia"[10].


Arash Howaida Official Facebook Account[11] Arash Howaida Fan Club [12] Arash Howaida Myspace Account[13] Arash Howaida Official Website[14] Arash Howaida Biogrophy[15]

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