Appointbook is an online and mobile-based scheduling platform that enables users to instantly find and book nearby services while coordinating activities with friends and family based on real-time availability. The platform integrates with popular social media and existing calendaring systems. Appointbook is owned and operated by Appointbook, Inc., a California corporation based in San Francisco. The startup was founded in 2011 by David Ramsey and has been funded by three significant angel investors.


In early 2011 David Ramsey was trying to make an appointment with his hair stylist. The small salon didn’t have a dedicated receptionist and booking an appointment was difficult; the hair stylist was either busy with a client or David was unavailable when the stylist returned the call. After a frustrating week of missed calls and voicemails, David came up with the idea for Appointbook. The company began in 2011 and remains in development with an official launch planned for the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Business model

Appointbook is a freemium service that generates revenue with subscriptions and advertising. Premium subscriptions are available for office and service professionals. Advertising revenue is generated from promotional advertisements and in-app advertising.

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