Anti-Hero State are an unsigned band from Bedfordshire consisting of members Cameron West (Bass and Vocals), Harry Saunders (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Josh Bench (Lead Guitar) and Zach O'Loughlin (Percussion). The band were formed in early 2012 and played their first gig in April. They have released one single named "Down.Falls.Society", in which they had minor success. The boys are set to release their second single "Chase The Sunset" on the 19th January 2013.

Early Anti-Hero State

Anti-Hero State's first gig was for the Lily MacGlashan charity which took place in the Peter Newton Pavillion, Dunstable. The night was set-up by Kevin Cutler, a man who has raised money for this charity previously. The band played their songs "Queen of Hearts", "Feathers and Bullets" and "Down.Falls.Society". They also covered "Always" by blink-182 and "Dirty Little Secret" by All-American Rejects. After this night, the boys began to play many more gigs and gained local recognition.


On 30th November, 2012. The band released their first single "Down.Falls.Society" on iTunes and other downloadable sites. This lead to a minor success for them, as they gained more fans and quite a few sales. The track was reviewed by Mouthbox (a review podcast) as "the Dunstable Sound" and "it might well be set to conquer the world." and was continued to be rated 5/5.


Cameron West uses an Ibanez SR300 bass, and for his live vocals, relys on the Shure SM58

Harry Saunders uses a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster and tends to alternate to his Fender Classic Player Baja when playing "Down.Falls.Society". He runs his guitars through his Marshall MG100HDFX and a standard Marshall 4x12.

Josh Bench uses a Schecter Hellraiser C1-FR, which he runs through his Orange Dual Terror and Blackstar 2x12. Josh is also recognised to play his solo's under influence of a Boss Flanger, Boss DS-1 and Jim Dunlop Cry Baby.

Zach O'Loughlin uses a Pearl VBX, Paiste PST 5, Zilgian ZBT and Sabian b8 pros, Evans ec2s temo skins and his own add-ons, including 3 Evans octobans and a cowbell foot pedal, which is often picked up upon as his signature sound as his solo beginning "Down.Falls.Society" is massively influenced by it.

Future plans

19th January - Release of Chase The Sunset on BBC 3 Counties Radio.

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