Annie George is a development professional and CEO of Building and Enabling Disaster Resilience for Coastal Communities (BEDROC), a Civil Society Organization based in the Nagapattinam region of Tamil Nadu, India.

Nagapattinam, located in the delta of the river Cauvery, is a multi-hazard prone region, and is periodically affected by floods, drought, cyclones and sea surges. It was the worst affected region in India in the 2004 Tsunami, with over 6,065 confirmed deaths [1].

In the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Annie George was instrumental, together with colleagues from NGOs such as SIFFS, Trivandrum; SNEHA, Nagapattinam; and Hunnarshala, Gujarat, in setting up the NGO Co-ordination and Resource Centre (NCRC), Nagapattinam, jointly with UNDP and the State Administration on 1 January 2005. From April 2005, she took over as the CEO of NCRC.

The NCRC transitioned into the NGO BEDROC in 2007, and all the programmes of NCRC as well as the staff team led by Annie George were transferred to BEDROC.

The work of Annie George as a development professional, straddling disaster management & preparedness, livelihoods promotion, agriculture, dairying, child rights, water & sanitation and HIV/AIDS, as well as the post-tsunami co-ordination work done at NCRC, has been widely appreciated [2] [3]. She is also a key resource person at the The Resource and Information Network for the Coast TRINet.

Education & Career

Annie George was born in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and studied in Chennai and Bangalore. She did her post-graduate studies at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in 1984.

Annie George worked in KCMMF, State Management Agency (HIV/AIDS) and the Jalanidhi Project (Water Supply and Sanitation) in Kerala before moving to Nagapattinam in 2004.


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