Annabeth Chase is a fictional character from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus book series written by Rick Riordan. She appears in the first book of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Lightning Thief and is a main character throughout the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and is a major character in Heroes of Olympus series. Currently Annabeth has appeared in every book in both series.[1]

Fictional Biography

Annabeth is a daughter of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, and Frederick Chase, a mortal Professor. At age seven, Annabeth ran away because she felt unwanted and hated by her father and stepmother. Annabeth and her new friends, Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace, traveled together for some time after she ran away from home before arriving at Camp Half-Blood. Her friend Thalia had sacrificed her life so that Annabeth and Luke could get to camp safely. During her time at the camp, she developed a father-daughter relationship with the camp activities director, the centaur Chiron. Before meeting Percy, she had been at the Camp for five years.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

She is first introduced when Percy makes his way to Camp Half-Blood. When Percy wakes up after collapsing after fighting the Minotaur, she nurses him back to health, and she shows him around the camp. After seeing Percy demonstrate his power against camp bully, Clarisse La Rue, Daughter of Ares, Annabeth puts Percy on her team for a camp game of capture the flag. Annabeth is the first to realize that Percy is a son of Poseidon and attempts to protect him from a hellhound the size of a rhino supposedly sent by Hades from Tartarus.

When Zeus's master bolt is stolen and Percy is accused as the thief, Percy accepts her as one of those who'll accompany him on the quest. They travel from the East coast to the West coast of America, encountering many obstacles along the way. Annabeth struggles with her mother's historic rivalry with Percy's father and her budding friendship with Percy. After they return back to camp, it is reveled that Luke Castellan, Annabeth's longtime friend, was behind the theft and is seeking the overthrow of the Olympians.

The Sea of Monsters

Annabeth finds Percy and they return to Camp Half-Blood with Percy's friend, Tyson, who is a Cyclops, to find it under attack and its borders failing. Annabeth and Percy go see Chiron but learn he is being fired for being accused of poisoning Thalia's tree; the tree is what gives the borders power to repel monster attacks. Annabeth and Percy set off in the middle of the night, along with Tyson, against the order of the new camp activity's director, Tantalus. After encountering Luke Castellan, his monster army and a hydra, they are rescued by Clarisse, who is on a quest to find the golden fleece, and enter the Sea of Monsters (known by the mortals as the Bermuda Triangle). Their ship is soon destroyed by one of the monsters that guard the entrances to the Sea, leaving Annabeth and Percy adrift in a small rescue boat, believing Tyson to be dead. During their time adrift, Annabeth admits the existence of a Great Prophecy which might refer to Percy. Soon afterwards, they come ashore on an island and soon afterward, Percy is captured by the sorceress Circe. Annabeth rescues him and they leave the island with an old pirate ship(The Queen Anne's Revenge).

On their way to Polyphemus' island they must pass near the Sirens' Isle. Annabeth insists on listening to their singing and is drawn to them, and to her death. After saving her, Percy directs the boat towards their final goal. While rescuing Clarisse and Grover from Polyphemus,one of the elder cyclopes that keeps man-eating sheep as pets and has the golden fleece on his island, Annabeth is knocked unconscious and injured. Percy finds the golden fleece and utilizes its ability to speed up the healing of injuries. Once safe, Clarisse is sent ahead to camp with the fleece while Annabeth, Percy, Grover and Tyson stay behind and encounter Luke; he takes them captive and duels Percy. They are rescued by Chiron and are transported back to camp. Some time later, the fleece has restored the tree to normal and to the amazement of Annabeth and the others, it has restored Thalia, Annabeth's friend, back to life.

The Titan's Curse

Annabeth is on a rescue mission with Percy and Thalia when they face Dr. Thorn, a manticore, at a school where they find two demi-gods; Bianca and Nico di Angelo. Trying to save Percy, Bianca, Nico and Thalia, she is taken captive when Thorn leaps of a cliff with her on his back. At first Percy believes she is dead. While in captivity, Annabeth is forced to carry the weight of the sky from Atlas for some time until Artemis is forced to do so by Atlas. When Percy gets to the Titan's base he is met by Luke, who has Annabeth gagged with her hands cuffed and is holding her hostage. She is rescued from him by Percy and later learns that there is another child of the 'big three' -Poseidon, Zeus and Hades- and it was one of the children they were trying to rescue in the beginning, Nico di Angelo. When Percy refuses to let anyone else know of his existence, hoping to protect Nico from Kronos and Luke, she shows worry but abides with his decision.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Annabeth finds Percy running from a burning school with another girl, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, behind him. Annabeth is initially jealous of Rachel and avoids Percy when they first get to camp as a result. While in the middle of a training game with giant scorpians, Annabeth and Percy find an entrance to the labyrinth in the middle of camp, which opens a direct door to any invading forces Kronos could muster. Annabeth is given her desired quest and requests her old friends to join her; Percy, Grover and Tyson agree. After navigating the labyrinth they meet Hera, Kampe, Briares and Hephaestus among others. After meeting Hephaestus, Grover and Tyson separate to look for Pan. Soon afterward Percy is presumed dead after causing a volcanic eruption to escape Telkhines. He ends up staying on Calypso's Island for a while, until he is healed. Annabeth's quest resumes when Percy comes back and they ask Rachel Dare to be a guide, though Annabeth is upset at this idea. Rachel is able to correctly guide them through the labyrinth. Annabeth is later a witness to Kronos' return and Rachel hits him in the eye with a plastic hairbrush, which gains Percy's permanent respect. They flee from Kronos and return to camp. The forces of Kronos attack Camp Half-Blood but are successfully repulsed by the combined efforts of the campers and Braires, the Hundred handed one.

The Last Olympian

Annabeth, as one of the Camp's leaders, is a crucial character. She leads her cabin in defending New York City and fights alongside Percy many times. During one of the battles, Annabeth is critically injured when she is stabbed trying to defend Percy. While Typhon distracts the olympians out west, Kronos, who is being hosted in Luke Castellan's body, attacks their home in New York City with his army. She joins with all the other campers, the Hunters of Artemis, the satyrs and nature spirits in fighting off the Titan's army. In spite of their efforts to ward off the Titan king, Kronos makes his way into the throne room of the twelve Olympians; Annabeth, Percy and Grover try their best to protect the thrones. She is the first to come to the realization that Kronos can only be vanquished by the actions of his host, Luke Castellan, and convinces Percy to hand Luke her dagger to allow him to once and for all defeat Kronos. In repayment for defeating Kronos the gods allow Annabeth to be the new architect for Olympus to "build a city to last another eon." Later in the book Annabeth and Percy share two kisses (one underwater) and they start a relationship on Percy's Birthday, August 18th.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Annabeth is shown at the beginning to be looking for her boyfriend, Percy Jackson. She accompanies three new demigods to Camp Half-Blood and leaves soon after to continue her search. She later volunteers to go with Jason Grace and the others when they discover the location of Percy Jackson. [2]

The Son of Neptune

Annabeth does not make an actual appearance in the book, but she is shown talking to Percy in his dream. She is mentioned multiple times throughout the course of the book.[3]

The Mark of Athena

The book begins with Annabeth pacing on the Argo II, anxious to see Percy, who has been missing for about 8 months. When they get near New Rome, she meets Terminus, who refuses to have weapons inside the Pomerian Line. Desperate to meet Percy, she quickly negotiates with Terminus, so the Argo II hovers over New Rome, while the demigods climb down a ladder, weaponless. As soon as she sees Percy, they rush to meet each other and share a kiss. Then she flips him over onto the floor, putting her knee on his chest, angry for him leaving her. She helps him to his feet when Percy says that he missed her too. While the Greek and Roman demigods eat together, Annabeth notices the new tattoo on Percy's arm. She forgives Percy for everything when she realizes that he turned down Reyna for her. After being forced to flee New Rome, Annabeth and Percy catch up with one another. They travel to Rome, after going through many obstacles. Annabeth was forced to separate with the others, since she had a solo quest. After a long and difficult journey, not to mention extremely dangerous, Annabeth completes her quest, following the Mark of Athena. Just as she traps Arachne, Percy and the crew burst in with the Argo II. Annabeth and Percy reunite, but when Arachne fell into Tartarus, she had a strand of spider silk attached to Annabeth, pulling her in with her. Percy grabs onto Annabeth's arm, but it's too much for them. Annabeth tells Percy to let go of her (so he could at least save himself), but he refuses. They fall into Tartarus together, holding hands.


Annabeth is a beautiful teenage girl. She has long blonde hair described by Percy as "curled like a princess's". She is tall, slender, graceful and athletic. Annabeth looks like a typical California girl only with stormy, intelligent gray eyes that always seem to be calculating a million things at once and analyzing whoever she is looking at. Annabeth is described as 'cute' 'pretty' and 'beautiful' many times in the books. Her mother, Athena, is considered one of the most beautiful of the Greek goddesses along with Aphrodite and Hera. When she is not wearing her Camp-Half Blood shirt she wears cute and stylish but simple and practical clothes. She's never been described to wear makeup but yet she does so in the Sea Of Monsters at Circe's command. She has brains and beauty and makes good use of both attributes. Annabeth is prideful. In the Titan's Curse, she outgrows Percy. He says in the same book, that he was used to seeing her with absolutely no jewelry, except her Camp Half-Blood bead necklace, but he's surprised when he sees that she's wearing owl-shaped silver earrings, (the symbol of her mother) that were given to her by her father. It is revealed in The Mark of Athena that she always wanted dark hair, so as to not be interpreted as a "dumb blonde".

Personality and fatal flaw

Inherited from her mother, the goddess of wisdom, Annabeth is a great strategist, full of wit, cunning, very intelligent and strong. Annabeth's personality is shown throughout the series to be practical and smart. She is a quick thinker, providing Percy a great deal of help in his quests, and most of the time, saves their lives. Annabeth can be cold towards others at first, shown in The Lightning Thief, when she first meets Percy, this eventually changes through the first book, as she eventually warms up to him and grows extremely protective of him. As shown in The Lost Hero and in The Son of Neptune, she is shown to be extremely worried about Percy's mysterious disappearance, desperately trying to find him. She can be sharp-tongued towards others, even the gods, shown when she insulted Hera for her selfish views on family. Annabeth can be sensitive when it come to promises, as she never forgets them, and she becomes greatly upset when Luke betrays Camp and breaks his promise to her. Being a child of Athena, Annabeth has arachnophobia, resulting from the story of Arachne, the woman who was turned into a spider by Athena as punishment for extreme arrogance. Annabeth's fatal flaw is hubris, which means "deadly pride." It was revealed in The Sea of Monsters when she and Percy encountered the sirens. Annabeth mentions this flaw as a common thing for children of Athena.


At the beginning of the first series of books, Annabeth had a crush on Luke. As the series progressed, she comes to terms with his betrayal, as well as her developing feelings for Percy. In Battle of the Labyrinth, when she believes he is going to die, she kisses Percy, and is visibly moved when he returns to camp. In The Last Olympian, she resolves her feelings for Luke, telling him that she always considered him more of a brother, and never loved him and she begins a relationship with Percy. In The Lost Hero when Percy is missing, she is desperately trying to find him. She mentions too that both Percy and her were in a relationship.

Annabeth and Percy first become friends in The Lightning Thief. She explains that she will fight alongside Percy, despite their parents' rivalry, because he is her friend.

In The Sea of Monsters Annabeth reveals some feelings for Percy. She hugged him when he was turned back into a human (he was a guinea pig at the time thanks to Circe) and allowed Percy to hold her while she cried when she heard the sirens. Also toward the end of the book she kisses Percy on the cheek after they won the race.

In The Titan's Curse Percy and Annabeth dance before she is kidnapped. When he saves her, they finish the dance on Mount Olympus.

Annabeth shows strong feelings for Percy in The Battle of the Labyrinth. She hugs him for a long time when she tries to explain that she is worried about losing Percy. She kissed him on the lips when Percy told her to leave because she would get killed by sea demons. After Annabeth sees Percy returns alive, she makes a scene of hugging him in front of the whole camp. She gets extremely jealous whenever Percy mentions Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

The Last Olympian is when she developed very strong feelings for Percy. She get frustrated with him because he can't see it. At the end, when Percy explains that in the River Styx he thought about her, She kisses him on the lips. Clarisse dumps them in the lake and Percy kisses her on the lips underwater: "and it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time," which starts their relationship,on August 18th, Percy's birthday.

In The Lost Hero, Annabeth searches desperately for Percy.

In The Son Of Neptune when Percy's memories get stripped by Hera/Juno, wife of Zeus, the only name he remembers is Annabeth. In the end of the book while Camp Half-Blood's ship is about to land in Camp Jupiter he is looking at it hoping for a glance at Annabeth.

In the first chapter of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth is frantically looking down from the ship to see Percy. The reunion was not in the first chapter. It is also revealed, (through the narration), that she secretly had a crush on him since they were 12, and that she "fell for him hard" the previous summer. Somewhere in the middle of the book, they spend a night together, cuddling and kissing before falling asleep in exhaustion, and were "chastised" (quite seriously) by Coach Hedge. Through Percy's narration in the book, it is shown that Percy loves Annabeth deeply, willing to do anything to make sure she is safe. At the end, when Annabeth was falling into Tartarus, Percy holds onto her. They both realize that it was hopeless. She tells him to let go, but he is unwilling to ever lose her again. They fall in together, holding hands.

In Demigod Diaries, Annabeth immediately assists Percy in finding Hermes' staff.


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