Anirudh Adiga (pataki)

Anirudh Adiga was born on 1st July 1987 in Bangalore to his parents Ganesh Adiga (Syndicate Bank Manager currently working in Kerala) and Vijaya Adiga (House maker).

Anirudh was born in Shadripuram Hospital and spent his early child hood days in Mandarthi later he moved to Bangalore basaveshwara nagar and started is first school education in "New public School".

First 1 to 2 years of his school life has normal, later his parents moved to Delhi where his discovered that his writing and reading abilities where lagging when compared to the children of his age. Even they consulted a doctor for the problem there son hand for reading and writing, all there effort was in wain and his school life continued with some problems. Later they descovered that he had Dyslexia but he nevr met Amir Khan (actor) in his life.

Later they moved to Manipal which was very close to his native Mandarthi. Anirudh started his High School is MJC / MPUC - school, The first few months in Manipal were the most scary and boring part of his and his family (they leaved in a Bungalow which was hanted by snakes and there all time silent strange nabers). After spending about a year in that crazy place they moved to another normal house near by manipal (indrni nagar),

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