Angelica Hale (born 2007) is a child singer based out of the northern Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Johns Creek.

Early life

Angelica Hale was born in 2007, she's live out of the northern Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Johns Creek with her parents. In 2012, 4 year old Angelica Hale had to put her singing career on hold as she was battling a life-threatening illness due to the onset of a severe pneumonia that ravaged her lungs and severely and permanently damaged her kidneys. After 12 days on ECMO life-support, and 68 days more recovering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Angelica was well enough to head home. But her life would be forever changed. The end result of her illness was a year and a half of dialysis, numerous surgeries and doctor's visits, and a Kidney Transplant from her Donor Mother in September of 2013.

Angelica's new kidney is working like a charm and her singing is reaching and touching more and more people. Angelica is truly an inspiration and her overcoming her struggles is a constant reminder to us that we are all stronger than we may appear on the surface and that we that are all showered with more blessings than we realize. At first glance, Angelica Hale seems like a normal little girl. Her favorite color is pink, an she wants to be a singer when she grows up.

But before talking about her singing aspirations, you have to know that she almost didn't make it to this point. A simple cold at the beginning of 2012 led to the fight of her life.

"It's been a real wild journey," said her dad, James Hale. "One I guess we could never really have foreseen."

The cold wouldn't go away . An emergency room visit to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta found her lungs were infected. Other organs began to deteriorate. Doctors told the Hales Angelica needed a kidney transplant.

Fortunately, Angelica's mother was a donor match. She didn't hesitate. Doctors performed a kidney transplant and the operation was successful. It was as if Angelica had a guardian angel. She is still recovering, but in the meantime she is using her voice to keep everyone happy.

Angelica kept her parents spirits up through the whole ordeal. She still spreads her positive influence and even has advice for other children with medical troubles.

Despite doctors’ reassurances, Angelica Hale’s parents knew something was wrong. Their normally vivacious little girl was in pain and getting sicker before their eyes. During a Sunday evening trip in February 2012 to the Emergency Department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, they found out her condition was more serious than they could have imagined. “My wife called me Monday morning and told me they were already starting surgery to put in a chest tube,” said James Hale, Angelica’s father. “It was nothing but bad news.” Physicians told James and his wife, Eva Norman, that their daughter had pneumonia. The infection was so severe that her lung had begun to bleed into her abdomen, and the 5-year-old developed sepsis, a serious blood infection that devastated her kidneys. “Her blood plasma was polluted, and her lungs were just ravaged,” James said. “It was earth shattering. We were rocked.”

A severe case of pneumonia ravaged Angelica Hale's organs. After undergoing ECMO and dialysis, the 5-year-old received a life-saving kidney transplant at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Now, she's back at school with her friends, and she can't stop smiling.

A Health Journey Begins

Angelica was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Scottish Rite hospital while her healthcare team worked for three days to stabilize her and fight the infection. James credits neonatologist Munir Kapasi, M.D., with saving Angelica’s life during those chaotic first days. Dr. Kapasi informed Eva and James that their daughter was facing triple organ failure and would need significant medical intervention. Angelica was transported by helicopter to our Egleston hospital, home to one of the Southeast’s few ECMO centers, where she was put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for 12 days—“a lifetime,” James said. The heart and lung bypass machine took over Angelica’s lung function, allowing her damaged organs time to heal before surgery. “We thought we were about to lose our daughter,” James said. “We had no idea how long this journey would be.” Once Angelica was stable enough, Richard Ricketts, M.D., Chief of our Division of Pediatric Surgery, performed surgery to repair her lung, which had lost nearly half its function. The blood infection compounded her health battle: Pollutants had overwhelmed her kidneys, and she developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Her kidneys were barely functioning. Amid the chaos, James said he was grateful for the extra care the healthcare team took to keep him and his wife informed. “I don’t like being in the dark, and the doctors and nurses absolutely kept us informed,” he said. “They were great.”

Fighting Back

Angelica Hale Transplant Patient Story As Angelica recovered from her lung surgery, her parents held out hope that her kidneys would heal. She had been on dialysis since getting ECMO—for more than a year—in order to filter pollutants from her blood, but the damage was done. With her kidneys scarred, Angelica needed a transplant to recover from the harm her initial infection had caused. After regaining her strength and continuing peritoneal dialysis over the summer of 2013, Angelica returned for a kidney transplant at Children’s, home to one of the largest pediatric kidney transplant programs in the country. The process moved quickly. James and Eva were tested, and they found that Eva was a near-perfect match to donate a kidney to her daughter. Sept. 13, 2013, Angelica received her mom’s kidney and bounced back quickly, much to the delight of her family and healthcare team. Now a joyful 6-year-old, Angelica is ready to get back to focusing on school, friends and her future singing career thanks to her support group and her Children’s team. “I’m really glad we brought her to Children’s,” James said. “We’re so, so lucky. Taking her to a pediatric hospital saved her life.”


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This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Angelica Hale, that was deleted or is being discussed for deletion, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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