Angela Stone (born August 29, 1981) is an American pornographic actress. She has appeared in over 200 films since 2003,[1] and is known for her ability to squirt during her scenes.[2] Stone has stated, "I really didn’t know I could squirt until I got into porn ... I was doing this scene and then I when was cumming and I could feel I was squirting everywhere ... I was embarrassed".[3] Before her film career, she danced in strip clubs.[3]


  • 2006 AVN Award nominee – Best Threeway Sex Scene – Flower’s Squirt Shower[4]
  • 2007 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – The Great American Squirt Off[5]
  • 2009 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene – Flower's Squirt Shower 5[6]
  • 2009 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – Squirt Gangbang 2[6]


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