Anette Vedvik (born [date unknown] in Hamar, Norway), is a Norwegian pop, funk, and jazz musician. While her older titles have a somewhat more gospel and Christian influence, the more recent songs are from a more general positive attitude with a jazzy tune.

After a producer heard her sing, he offered her a free recording, which became the album ‘My deliverance’. The first day after the release of the album Anette got an email from producer Charlie Peacock, inviting her to Nashville to meet the president of the company. A few weeks later she got another invitation to meet another record company in Nashville that was interested in her music. However, by then she had already moved to Los Angeles to attend the Recording Artist Program at the Musician's Institute.

Anette lived in California for 7 months and extended her musical talent. A good confirm on her musical improvement and work in this program was the "Best Project 2003" award that she received at the graduation ceremony. Under a performance she had at the school during the year, an A&R from Sony Music, Columbia, became aware of her, and was interested in putting her on one of America's most popular shows.

Anette Vedvik came home from USA in March 2003 and has since then worked with her music, by writing new songs, having concerts all over Norway, and by recording a single and also a music-video for it. In addition to this, she toured the Southern States of America spring 2004. During those 10 weeks she performed at about 20 different venues across the United States.

The music that Anette writes, regularly gets attention for its distinctive characteristics and quality, but not least has the music been received well because of her voice which accompanies it. Often people categories her music as a mix between pop, jazz and funk. Through her music, Anette wants to give people inspiration to seek the fundamental values and to see the positive aspects of life. Recently she has just released a new album "This is life". On this record, Anette sings about different important aspects of every day life that all people can relate to.

As of 2006, she has released two albums:

  • My deliverance (2002)
  • This is Life (2006)

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