Andy Loo

Andy Loo

Andy Loo (traditional Chinese: 盧安迪; simplified Chinese: 卢安迪; born 1994) is a student from Hong Kong who is a successful participant of the International Science Olympiads.


Loo studied at Raimondi College Primary Section from Primary 1 to Primary 3, St. Paul's Co-educational (Macdonnell Road) Primary School from Primary 4 to Primary 6 and St. Paul's Co-educational College from Form 1 to Form 6.[1][dead link] He is currently a student at Princeton University.[2]


Loo won a gold medal at the Elementary Mathematics International Contest in 2006, and represented Hong Kong at the International Physics Olympiad twice, winning a silver medal[3] in 2010 as the first 16-year-old Hong Kong team member,[3] and a gold medal in 2011. He also won a silver medal at the 2012 International Mathematical Olympiad.[4][5][6]

He is also a recipient of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship for Overseas Studies 2012/13.


As a high school student at St. Paul's Co-educational College, Loo used elementary techniques to prove that there exists a prime number between 3n and 4n for all positive integers n, and that, furthermore, the number of primes between 3n and 4n goes to infinity as n tends to infinity, thereby generalizing previous results of Paul Erdős|Erdős and Srinivasa Ramanujan|Ramanujan.[7]


Andy Loo's father is Kinson Loo (traditional Chinese: 盧健生; simplified Chinese: 卢健生) who was named one of the ten most influential persons in the mobile phone industry in China in 2008 and 2009. Andy Loo's mother is from Mainland China (Shanghai). She specializes in French literature and has worked as a literary editor and a simultaneous interpreter before becoming a housewife.


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