Born December 26, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Andrew Dennis Biersack was raised with a Christian family. At a young age he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Andy learned anything musical from his farther, Chris whom was in a punk band called "The Edge." Andy Biersack has bright blue eyes and dyed black hair. (Original color is blonde) His height is at 6'2". Andy played hockey while growing up in school and was ranked as junior Olympian. Growing up Andy didn't have the greatest childhood. Biersack was overweight and didn't sport many friends. Andy created a band, "Biersack," while in 8Th grade and would pass his cds to everyone he knew! Moving to Burbank, California in 2005, Andy pursued a small career in T.V commercials as well as print modeling. Andy went to the "School for Creative and Performing Arts" and majored in vocal music. Andy's favorite comic book character as a child was "Azreal Batman" and has a 13 inch image of Batman tattooed on his forearm as well has a few other tattoos. Andy smokes and has always cut his own hair. Before and after every one of his shows, him and his band enjoy hanging out with fans, signing and taking pictures with them. Andy is currently dating (2012) Juliet Simms. He is the lead singer in the successful band, Black Veil Brides.

Black Veil Brides (Warning: Not all info is correct)

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