Andi Land (born 7 April 1986; Winnipeg, Canada) is an internet solo girl model with her own site (


Early career

Andi 'fell' into the adult business when she went to visit a local photographer in her hometown, Winnipeg, to get some personal photographs taken, and was persuaded to do some non-nude test shoots at the same time. These images were posted on some adult forums and a deal was brokered with PanchoDog, Wanton Media. Shooting material began in January 2005, and in June of that year the site was launched, This went on to become one of the most successful solo 'girl-next-door' sites ever.

Towards the end of 2008 Andi was to leave. The site still runs today, although the content has not been updated since 2009. Andi was first publicly seen when promoting herself at the Internext porn convention in August 2005, soon after the site was launched, and then at the same event the next year, 2006.


It is possible that the surname Pink was chosen because she had pink-eye (Conjunctivitis) back when they first started shooting, someone making a joke calling her Andi Pink, and then it was decided that the name really did fit! Naming her Amanda was also a possibility. Indeed, Andi was to write the name Amanda on a whiteboard during one of her shoots before the site was launched.


Independent career

After a short break from being Andi Pink, Andi decided she wanted to launch her own site, with a name change to Andi Land. She set about designing a new blog, AndiLandUnleashed, which kept everyone informed, and partnered again with PanchoDog, who were to host the new site and deal with payments. appeared in September 2010.


The interaction with her fans on both the blog and on twitter,, maintains her reputation for being one of the most hard-working and dedicated of models. Another reputation Andi has gained is her liking for daring outdoor shoots: naked roller-blading, pleasuring herself at a bus stop or in parks… near misses of police getting involved. Andi attended the Phoenix Forum and starred in the Lightspeed Naked Dodgeball tournament. Mozart, her cat, is a regular on Andi’s site and blog, and always getting up to mischief, partly due to suffering from pica, which attracts him to eating items of clothing.

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