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Barrister Andalib Rahman Partho is the chairman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP). At present he is the youngest opposition leader and the Member of Parliament. Biography Barrister Andalib Rahman Partho is one of the most prominent young politicians in the country. His father isLate Mr. Naziur Rahaman Monjur former Minister and Mayor of Dhaka and also the founder chairman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party- BJP. Mr. Naziur Rahman not only fought as a freedom fighter but also played a significant role to motorize the liberation war movement during 1971.

Barrister Andalib Rahman, better known as Partho was a student of St. Joseph High School before leaving for London to do his LLB. He grew up in Dhanmondi and his childhood was cheerful like any other boy of his age. He loved everything but studying but some how managed to pass always. Poking into other people’s business was the best thing he enjoyed. His father was always unhappy with whatever Andaleeve did but always believed that his son has the potential to reach the top. During early 90’s Andalib’s cheerful youth turned into nightmare for his family as he became the master of his own ship. Finally his father managed to make Andaleeve realize that he has high hopes with his son. With all reluctance Andalib agreed to leave for London to do his LLB. Being a family friend Barrister Rafiqul Huq helped with all the formalities. Andalib passed his Bar Exam in 1997(Lincoln’s Inn). He came back and joined Barrister Rafiqul Haque as an apprentice and worked for 3 years. At present he is a self employed Barrister and also the principal of British School of Law where he teaches L.L.B. under University of London External System.

Andalib Rahman always had a keen interest in politics.. His parents always wanted him to join politics. He has always been inspired by his father and by his maternal uncle Sheikh Fazle Huq Moni(The founder chairman of Bangladesh Jubo League). From the year 2000, Andalib took active part in politics with his father. In 2001 general election he played an important role in Bhola-1 to secure the seat for the 4 party Alliance. He ran as an independent candidate from Bhola-4 in the parliamentary election which was supposed to take place in 22nd January 2007.

In 2008, 6th April his father passed away and Andalib stepped into his fathers shoes ,He was elected as the chairman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP). As the chairman of BJP he played a vital role to oust the army backed Care-taker government and to restore democracy in Bangladesh. In December 29th Parliamentary election, he was elected from Bhola-1. At present he is the youngest opposition leader and the Member of Parliament in Bangladesh.

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