Anchor is an open source content management system originally developed by Visual Idiot[1]. It is intended to be used as a light weight CMS designed in mind for art directed blog posts, but the feature set may expand in future versions. Anchor is written in PHP using a MySQL database backend. The current beta version is Anchor CMS 0.7


Anchor was reviewed by SpeckyBoy[2], a well known online design and web development magazine, in March of 2012.


Anchor offers a number of features and conveniences to users, site administrators and developers, including:

  • Ease of publishing using direct HTML which permits experienced developers to publish content without having to deal with complicated tag systems. (though a more user friendly editor is planed for release)
  • Preview of both the final "look" of content and of its XHTML.
  • Standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS "out of the box", with all layout in the default setup handled via stylesheets.
  • A commenting system, including several measures to combat spam.
  • Syndication of site content via RSS and Atom.
  • An integrated image management system which allows the association of images with particular pieces of content. (coming in a future release of Anchor)
  • UTF-8 publishing and support for many languages, including English, French, Czech, Russian.
  • Unlike most other blogging software, Anchor does not natively support Pingback or Trackback.

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