FANDOM is an internet-based social network for people's opinions, created to allow users to relate their ideas and opinions on any topic. [1] The site allows its users to set up a profile page, follow other users and share opinions on any topic. Amirite is set up as a forum. Users can ask questions anonymously or they can be visibly sent from another Amirite account, depending upon the asker's preference. Users can choose to disallow anonymous questions and have the ability to block selected people from asking further questions or sharing opinions. [2]


Amirite, created in December 2009, emerged from Beta in September 2012. [3] The word Amirite is a tag question which is used colloquially throughout the internet[4]

Amirite is a global social network, where members ask each other questions and learn more about one other through interesting, funny and personal responses. People use Amirite to get to know friends (and friends of friends), and connect with others around common interests. [5]

Currently there are over 2 million unique visitors per month and over 3 million pageviews per month. There are over 700,000 posts, 2 million comments and over a billion votes have been processed on Amirite. [6] Votes are used for ranking opinions. Further recognition is also given via an Achievements system for reaching milestones.


Both a website and iPhone app Amirite invites users to post an opinion about anything. [7] Discussions range from the serious and political to the funny and bizarre. Amirite's slogan is 'Every Opinion Matters'. [8]

There are currently four different versions of amirite. All display the same content but are targeted at different devices. On the main site there is the concept of the 'Home Page' and the 'Just In' page. When an opinion is posted it becomes visible on the Just In page immediately (as well as on the profile of the user who posted it, in any Topics it was added to and in the search). Users have the option to vote for a post to be on the home page. If a post reaches a configurable number of home page votes it goes into a queue to appear on the home page. A post selected to be a Post of the day or POTD is highly sort after and many users strive to achieve this. If selected their opinion can be broadcast all around the world and even be quoted by news agencies, and websites. Amirite has a team of moderators and anyone can apply to be a moderator by filling in the application form on their website

Noted for its addictive, mad lib-like feel and ability to create structured data, Amirite has received attention, having been selected as a Tech Entrepreneurs Week London Top 3 Winner. [9]

Amirite has been featured on venturebeat, [10] yahoo,,, killerstartups, urban dictionary [11] and other notable sites.

Users can make posts, vote on posts, comment on posts and vote on comments. There is also the option to “favourite” posts and 'love' comments to bookmark them.

A notification system gives users alerts on site, by push notification for iPhone users and by email. Users can control which events they want to be notified about. [12]

Posts are categorized into “Topics”. Users can opt to follow topics and other users. Users can also send messages to each other. Users can also chat about anything in the forum.

A “Post Of The Day” is featured at the top of the home page every day. In total there are over 10,000 features on the site. [13]

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