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The American Monarchist Party is a United States political party,[dubious ] an outgrowth of the independent American Monarchist Society which was founded March 25, 1999 by Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar, Head of the Political Science department of Santa Barbara City College.

The American Monarchist Party believes:

  • Modern experience shows that kings generally rule better, not worse, than do presidents
  • Monarchy provides the stability which is essential to the solution of major problems.
  • A king or queen is much freer than a president, in that he or she is not tied to any party, as a republican leader invariably is.
  • Monarchy is an intelligible and honest form of government
  • A king or queen is the living representative of a nation's history.

The American Monarchist Party currently1 holds no national or local offices.

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1as of February 22, 2006

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