American Californian Reproductive Medicine Association(美国加州生殖医学协会、アメリカカリフォルニア生殖医学協会) is an academic nonprofit organization registered in the United States formed by voluntary reproductive medicine specialists. Currently American Californian Reproductive Medicine Association (ACRMA) has near 2,000 specialist members, who are mainly engaged in the research and development, medical services, and medical teaching on reproductive medicine. The mission of ACRMA is to promote the comprehensive development of reproductive medicine, to encourage and enhance the teaching and clinical trial of reproductive medicine, to spread advanced technological information on reproductive medicine, and enable the academic communications between reproductive medicine specialists; organize the reproductive medicine specialists to improve their expertise and social status; promote the technological achievements made in the reproductive medicine, technological rewards, technological confidentiality, technological marketing, and the protection of intellectual property rights, etc; promote reproductive medicine and medicinal science and technology to the general public; promote the growth and improvement of the scientific and technological team of reproductive medicine. Carry out academic communications on reproductive medicine, compile and publish magazines and audio-visual products on reproductive medicine and science popularization; Carry out continuing education on reproductive medicine; carry out international academic communications; carry out scientific and technological argumentation on reproductive medicine, select and reward excellent medicinal and technological achievements, academic essay, and popular science writing; Discover, recommend and cultivate excellent technicians and talents of reproductive medicine; carry out consultation services on reproductive medicine; promote the transformation and application of the scientific and technological achievements made in reproductive medicine.

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