Alvi Tribe of Birote
Naik Mohammadal & Noor Mohammad Alvi
Country Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Proposed Tehsil Circle Bakote
Union Council Birote
 • MNA (NA 17) Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan
 • MPA (PK 45) Sardar Shamon Yar Khan
Population (09 % of UC Birote total population)0nly 03 % living in Birote
 • City More than one thousand living in metropolitan cities.
 • Urban 70 %, Mostly migrated to nearest cities
Alvi tribe living in two sides of Central Birote. They called Naik Mohammadal in Western side in Khoas, Kolalian, Tahndi, Ambeeray na Bagla, Chotay na Gahnd and Tangan (Kaho East) and Noor Mohammadal in Eastern side in Lammean Larhan. Three houses of (Teacher Noor Alam) Alvi Birote also in Termuthean. Most families of tribe are living in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. They are non political, civil sevents, Army personals, teachers, lawyers, journalists, technicians and some are traders.

Alvi is a highly intelectual tribe in Union Council Birote with Islamic Scholars, teachers, anthropologists, lawyers, army personals, journalists and PhD leurates.


Alvi is belonged to the family of Prophet of Islam Mohammed, and decendent of Hazrat Ali bin Abu talib, the forth Caliph. Mohammed Bin Al Akber who also known as Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah was third son of Hazrat Ali and Alvi all decendant of him. Hanafiyyah was third wife of Hazrat Ali and mother of Mohammed Al Akber.


Alvi, Hashmi or Qureshi are decendants of Banu Hashim, tribe of Prophet Mohammed. Decendants of Hazrat Ali introduction was Alvi till 6th century AH. Decendants of Mohammed Bin Hanfiya were always helped and co oprated with Fatmi decendants of Hazrat Ali.

Alvi family Tree

Pakistani and Indian Alvi simultaneously has researched that they are descendants of Hazrat Ali, Mohammed Bin Hanfeya and Qutub Shah.

Alvi in Birote

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Hazrat Molana Mian Naik Mohammeed Alvi was a famous scholar of Islam in 20th century belonged to Qumikot, district Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. Kamlals Dhund Abbasies of Birote knew him very well and they requested to his father Molana Mian Abdushakoor Alvi to send him in their village for Quranic teachings. He came in Birote during 1836-38, built a Masjid, Madrissa and stayed at Khoas, Central Birote. He died in 1874 and buried there south of Khoas Masque, the first grave in this cemitry. His elder son Hazrat Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi (1824-1906), grand son Hazrat Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi (1860-1948) and grand grand son Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqob Alvi Birotvi (1906-1985) performed religious duties as imam and khateeb of Kamlal Dhund Abbasies at Khoas Masque till 1985.

Alvi of Birote choronological history from Madina to Birote

Hazrat Ali married with a noble lady Khawlah bint Ja'far,[1] who also known as Al-Hanfiya,[2] from the tribe Banu Hanifah. He gave birth of Mohammed Bin Hanfiya (Mohammed Al Akber) in 16th Hijrah (637 AD).[3]

  • Mohammed Bin Hanfiya was a brave, noble and a highly intelectual or a inteligent man of power in as a decendant of Hazrat Ali. He renewed the noble cause of Hazrat Imam Hussein ibn Ali, grandson of Holy Prophet Mohammed and his step brother, after his martyrdom by Yazid I' notorious genral Ibn E Merjana (Obaidullah Bin Zeyad) [4] in Kerbala, Iraq.
  • He provided safeguard, support and shelter to all family of Hazrat Imam Hussein soon after their arrival from Damascus, syria.
  • He participated in Jang e Jamel (War of Camels) and Jang e Saffeen from his father Hazrat Ali side.
  • Alvies established their kingdom in Egypt in 174 Hijra. during Abbasied Khilafat of Al Mahdi. The first ruler of Alvies was Idrees Alvi. Abbasi Khalifa Haroon U Rashid authored a conspiracy against him and he killed piosoneasly. The last Kalif of Alvies in Egypt was Yehya bin Yehya Alvi. The ruled over Egypt one and a half century.[5]
  • Alvies established their Khilafat at Madina in fourteenth century and Zahir Bin Muslim Alvi was the first Khalifa.[6]
  • Decendants of Daud Bin Hasan Musanna Alvi ruled over Mecca that recognised by Zaidiya.
  • Alvies ruled over in Saeed, Saada (Yaman), Valum, Jabel, Tibristan, Jarjan, Iraq and Nashapur during 257-355 AH.[7]
  • Alvies played a very signifecant apposition role in Ummayad and Abbasid's dynesties.
  • First person of Mohammed Bin Hanfiya decendents who migrated from Madina to Saeed was Ibraheem Bin Mohammed Alvi.
  • The came as commander of Mehmood Ghaznawi Force against Raja Jai Pal in India, stayed at Kohistan Nimak areas, defeated other tribes and established their leadership there.[8]

Web sites

Alvi of Birote are also highlighted by many authors and contants writers on internet technology inside and out side of country. Some important websites and links are as under.

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