Althea Currier (born 1941) was born in 1941 in Baileyville, Maine, and moved to Southern California in the late 1950s. She was an American glamour model and actress noted for her large-breasted figure and who appeared in a number of erotic B-movie in the 1960s of the 'nudie cutie' and sexploitation styles.

After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as a dance instructor for Arthur Murray studios and became involved in the entertainment field from there. She appeared in a number of low-budget B-movies movies in the early 1960s, making her debut in 1961 in Russ Meyer's Erotica, chosen by him because of her large breasts: her figure meaured 38 25 36 [1] Currier also worked as a chorus girl in San Francisco for a while and was part of Barry Ashton's touring stage show "Les Girls" making a stop in Reno.[citation needed]

In 1965, Currier worked as an exotic dancer in Chuck Landis' Largo Strip Club in Los Angeles.[2] This led to Currier becoming involved in glamour/nude modeling and appearances in many men's magazines of the time, including Mosaic, Modern Man, Adam, Scamp, All Man, Man's Life, etc. She was also featured in Adam magazine's 1964 full-color calendar.[citation needed] Currier wrote an advice column in Adam magazine from 1964 to 1967, and appeared in occasional layouts in the magazine.[citation needed]

Currier appeared in films directed by Russ Meyer and Peter Perry and producers such as Dan Sonney and Harry Novak.

Currier retired from entertainment towards the end of the 1960s to raise a family.


  • Erotica (1961) by Russ Meyer
  • Mr. Peter's Pets (1962) by Peter Perry
  • Surftide 77 (1962) by Lee Frost
  • Heavenly Bodies! (1963) by Russ Meyer
  • Knockers Up (1963) by Peter Perry
  • The Naked Flame (1964) by Lawrence Matlansky
  • Everybody Loves It (1964) by David F. Friedman
  • Kiss Me Quick! (1964) by Peter Perry
  • Lorna (1964) by Russ Meyer
  • Sinderella and the Golden Bra (1964) by Loel Minardi
  • The Girls on F Street aka Maidens of Fetish Street (1966) by Saul Resnick

Select magazine photo layouts

  • Scamp 1961 Vol.5, No.3
  • Adam 1962 Vol.6, No.6
  • Sir Knight 1962 Vol.3, No.2
  • Mosaic 1962 No.4
  • RizKay 1962 No.1
  • Modern Man 1963 November
  • Adam 1963 Vol.7, No.11
  • Modern Man Annual 1963 Winter
  • French Follies 1964 Vol.2, No.1
  • Adam 1964 Vol.8, No.6
  • Adam 1965 Vol.9, No.6
  • Modern Man Deluxe 1966 Vol.38
  • Beau 1967 Vol.3 No.14
  • All Man 1967 Vol.8 No.2
  • Man's Life 1970 Vol.14 No.1
  • Candid Unknown Year, Vol.78, No.7


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  2. PIX v 1 no 5, 1965, "Dr. Breedlove"
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