The Alternativist Party is a left-wing neo-political party with artistic and unorthodox beliefs, formed from the hatred of conformism. Because many people do not agree with many political parties, they do not care to deal with politics. This party is formed from the belief of "the moral worth of the individual",[1] implying that Alternivists are sole individuals, working together for the benefit of being an individual, and thus being considered an individualism-based party.


ALTspeak is a form of neologism used to ease the pronunciation of terms. example:

  • Alternativism = ALTism, ALTivisim
  • Alternativist = ALTist, ALTivist
  • etc.

(ALTspeak was derived from the concept of newspeak from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.


Members can range from former members of any party, i.e. from former Democrats to former Republicans. One way of spotting members is by the ALT key pin on any article they may have with them. These pins could be homemade or professionally made. Many members may be more discreet about their party status.


External links

  • [1]- Official Facebook Page
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