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Born August 3 in San Antonio, Texas. Alphy has been successful as an Actor, Singer, Television Producer and Director, Music Producer, and Casting Executive. In the early 1980s Alphy was one of the commanding promoters of the sunset strip hosting the nightlife at the Sunset Strips most exclusive spots Bar One, Carlos and Charlies and the Roxbury. Nobody can throw a party like Alphy. In 1998 established "Alphy's Soda Pop Club", (a private teen dance club for teen actors and their guests) with Magician and TV Star Danny Scott and Original New York Seltzer President Randy Miller, who was the clubs title sponsor thus "Soda Pop Club". The Alumni of the club includes Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Scott Grimes, Sean Lennon, Bobby Jacoby, David Faustino, Stacy Ferguson aka "Fergie", and many more. The club changed direction became "Alphy's Private Teen Club" which successfully got spun into the first FOX Television presentation of "Alphy's Hollywood Power Party" starring Alphy as host and with Alyssa Milano, Scott Grimes, Jason Hervey, Soliel Moon Frye and Mackenzie Astin. The show was produced by "Power Rangers" producer Haim Saban. In 1991 Alphy stopped throwing parties at it's peak and successfully has planned special events for members and others throughout the years. Alphy plans on opening another club soon. Alphy continued to produce and direct such stage sensations as "Out Of The Frying Pan" and "The Unofficial Show of the 1994 Olympics", Tv Pilot presentations for CBS such as "Star Magic" and other television pilots. He also has directed Television commercials and in the Recording Industry successfully produced the hit "The Granny Rap" with Bob Casalie founding member of "DEVO".

Alphy Hoffman acted under the name Alphy Rivas in his younger years and appeared on "The A-Team"

Alphy Hoffman directed a PSA for the American Diabetes Association.

Alphy Hoffman continues his show business career as a casting consultant on feature film projects, is President of Bobby Hoffman Casting founded by Bobby Hoffman, Producer/Director for his new company ALPHY NEW MEDIA which includes Alphyco Films and Alphy TV. He will be releasing the book "Bobby Hoffman: Not On my Couch You Didn't" which is also being made into a documentary.

Alphy Hoffman resides in Hollywood, California.


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