Almost Stereo


Almost Stereo is a Rock Group formed in 2009, the band's main core were the lead singer/lead guitarist and songwriter Shakur Samuels, bassist Shydi Samuels and drummer Malik Samuels. They originally were in a band call B.B.K.C (Bout' Bout' Kids Crew) "Shydi and I have talked about doing a rock band for years but never got the chance to do it so we just got together a it sort of happened from there" was said by Shakur "Shydi was the leader of the band until I stepped in and wanted to change things for the better" the set up was Shakur on bass and Shydi on guitar it was a three piece band, insight from bands like Nirvana , Green Day and Blink 182. The band's first name was the BlackSkullz but later on was changed to Almost Stereo "I came up with the name of the band" Shydi said and was used ever since. One day their cousins Nevonia "Boomie" Evans and Davon Evans wanted to join the band in 2010 and became their rythym guitarist and second keyboard player next to their first Julien "MCI" Ingram who later left the band in 2010.

Band Songwriting As time pasted Shydi, Shakur and Nevonia Knew their sound was getting old, so they changed it to please to a younger and older audience and it worked for them "Naturally I think it was time for a change, all bands one point in time of their time being as a group have to change their sound up" said by Shakur. The band's approach in a harder rock type feel with a hip-hop rap vibe as insight from Hollywood Undead worked for the band and have been sticking with it ever since.

Later Years The band is still together putting their songs on Youtube and Facebook and are not signed to a label yet "We're still working on it" Nevonia says but we want to first just get our music out there first all the bandmates are in touch and the band is still together.

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