Allison McAtee is an American actress and fashion model.


28 years old, Allison McAtee studied at Carnegie Mellon University trained in Suzuki and Viewpoints and earned a BA degree in Theater Arts from the University of Pittsburgh School of Arts and Sciences (Meisner, Viewpoints, Rasaethetics) . She also studied with Jonathan Rix, London, UK and then with NYC private teachers Sheila Gray, Susan Batson, Anthony Abeson. And Carter Thor Studios, Los Angeles, CA.


Allison was in modeling since 15. She was in Project Runway 2 as a model (2005), who unfortunately left the show early when her designer was booted out in the 3rd episode.

In acting career, McAtee is known for her 2010 role as "Catherine" in Bloomington. Her portrayal of the sexy professor in the sapphic film was successful in showcasing both her acting talent and impeccable good looks, and won her many fans around the world.

She has starred in several short films, including an award-winning Distrust and also guest-starred varied roles in widely acclaimed TV shows such as NCIS, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Californication, and Ugly Betty. During her younger days before TV, she dabbled in theatre which garnered her an acting award in one of her plays.


Year Title Role Notes
1999 Midsummer Night's Dream Helena Studio Theatre
2000 Fefu and her friends Paula University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre
2001 For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls Amanda University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre
2002 In the Colony Rasa Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
2003 Why we had to kill Bitch JP Nickle Heather Film (LB) Five Cent Productions
2003–2004 Confessions of a Wonderbabe Wonderbabe Theatre The Project
2004 The Stepford Wives Frank Oz Featured Film (Feature) Paramount Pictures, Kaufman Astoria Studios
2005 One Life to Live Recurring TV ABC Studios, ABC NY studios
2005 Julianne Caesar Megan/Brutus Theatre Overdrive Productions
2005 Budweiser Select Principal Commercial BUD
2005 Hope & Faith,(TV series), Another Car Commercial Candy, Co-Star TV ABC, American Broadcasting Company
2005 Stella, (TV series) Hipster Model, Co-Star TV Comedy Central on Location NY
2006 Project Runway Season 2 Co-Star TV BRAVO
2006 The Killing Floor Kathy Mahoni, Supporting Film (LB) IWM Sky Studios
2006 Rescue Me Bartender / Sexy Bartender, Guest star TV FX (TV channel)
2006 Ugly Betty, The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe Friday Night, Guest star TV NBC NYC STUDIOS
2007 Ghost Whisperer, The Collector Mary Jane Rose, Guest star TV NBC Universal, CBS Entertainment (Network)
2007 Law and Order:CI, Country Crossover Carrie, Guest star TV NBC Universal
2008 Iron Man Supporting Film (Feature) Marvel Studios, Paramount/Marvel Enterprises
2008 Zo2 (pilot), Z Rock (TV Series) Kitty Bronstein, Recurring TV IFC
2008 Distrust, (TV short crime Drama) Valerie, lead
2008 Hell Ride, presents by Quentin Tarrantino The Swede, Supporting Film (Feature) Dimension Films
2008 Nip/Tuck, Ronnie Chase Bartender, Guest Star TV FX (TV channel)
2008 CSI: Miami (season 6), Going Ballistic Shannon Higgins, Guest Star TV CBS Entertainment (Network)
2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Kill Me if You Can Jena Mackin, Guest Star TV CBS Entertainment (Network)
2009 Life (TV Series), Hit Me Baby Claudia, Guest Lead TV NBC
2009 Trust Me (TV series), The More Things Change Guest Star TV TNT (TV channel)
2010 Bloomington (film), drama Catherine, lead Frontier Productions
2010 Elevator Girl , (TV movie) Cynthia Hallmark Channel
2010 Castle (TV series), "A Deadly Game" Andrea Fisher ABC, American Broadcasting Company
2011 Californication (TV series), season 4, The Recused Roberta Greenblatt Novafilm TV
2011 Just be yourself, TV comedy Lola
2011 CSI: NY (TV series), season 7, Episode 22 Exit Strategy Jackie Thompson, Guest Star TV CBS Entertainment (Network)

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