Alison Laurie born November 1st, 1986. Singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and actress.. was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At the age of two, she picked up a microphone, and singing has been her passion ever since. She has sang every day of her life. She was involved in several activities, such as piano recitals, musical plays, dances, and fashion shows. Alison always used music as a way of healing. She listens to music everyday. She finds listening to music will change her mood at anytime. For this reason, she believes that music is therapeutic and that it is unspoken feelings. Throughout school, Alison's friends would ask her to sing for them. As a little girl she sang backup on The Whispers Christmas album. After graduating high school, Alison decided to go to college and get a degree in Business Marketing. Upon graduating in early 2009, Alison is now taking her music more seriously and making it a career. Alison has completed two songs, one being a cover of Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" recorded with Oingo Boingo's own bass player John Avila. She has worked with producer Billy Sullivan and Anna Menken. She has also done some producing/engineering of her own. Alison posted a third song, titled "Come Back to Me" on her myspace music page. "Come Back to Me" is the first song Alison co-wrote, which is very exciting. She wrote and recorded the song with Ralph Hawkins. Alison just posted two more songs to her myspace music page. "Connected" being her second song to co-write and produce. Co-written and produced with Varisty. "Dance with Me" which was written and produced by LianeV and Ralph Hawkins. Currently, she is working and writing with producers Varisty (Robb Vallier, Jim Mcorgman) and Ralph Hawkins.

Alison recently recorded two new tracks titled "Love Sick Boys" and "No Trust" co-written and produced by Alison herself and Varsity!! Both on sale now on itunes and cdbaby shortly. Music has and always will be Alison's passion. Her goal as an artist is to reach out to others through her music and get messages across to her fans and hopefully allow others to relate to those messages. Thus far, she has created a following of fans, and counting… She also has a huge passion for modeling. Thus far she has been featured in 5+ magazines and counting with more coming soon, 2 fashion shows, and been featured in lookbooks and various fashion and make-up websites.

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