Ali Mandalawi


  • Diploma, Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad/[Iraq] in [1979].
  • BA in printing designs, Academy of Fine Arts, [Baghdad]//[Iraq] in [1986].

Work experience and activities

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He is a freelance writer, designer, and painter, as well as cartoonist and book illustrator. His works (book illustrations, children’s media, cartoons, and free painting) has been displayed in ten exclusive exhibitions held in Iraq, Jordan, the Netherlands, Tunisia, and in the United Kingdom. His art can be seen in Arab and European museums and art centers and in personal art collections all over the world. He has worked in children’s media since 1975 making illustrations for more than 40 children’s books. His works has been published by Children’s Culture House in Baghdad, two publishers in Kurdistan, Iraq, Arab Youth House in Cairo, Literature House and Norris House in Beirut, and Almazghany publishing in Tunisia. He also made drawings for magazines and newspapers such as Majality, Almuzmar and (the Star) in Baghdad, Hah Nick in Arbil, Al Arabi al Saghir in Kuwait, and Majid) in Abu Dhabi. He worked for major newspapers as a cartoonist in 1983, and held and participated in number of local and international exhibitions. He has published portrait paintings in many news papers in Iraq] and other Arab countries. He has worked during the nineties as a cartoonist in London for Aljadida, Al-Majala magazines and Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper during 1999–2003. After the fall of the regime in 2003, he submitted his resignation from the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper and moved back to Baghdad. He founded a cultural project under the name (Media), and organized number of exhibitions and activities. He worked as a children’s culture consultant for the ministry of culture in Kurdistan during 2005–06, where he organized the first international festival for Kurdistan children in the summer of 2006 in the capital Arbil. He currently works as a technical consultant for Al-Sabah Al-Jadid newspaper, where he writes and illustrates a weekly sardonic page while continuing his work as a cartoonist for other magazines and newspapers. Founded the grouping Artists against Oppression in London. A founding member of the international group Alkafila in Tunisia. A founding member of Friends of Alrafidane valley’s culture in the Netherlands. A member of Iraqi Journalists Union and Iraqi Artists association.

Personal exhibitions

  • Kurdish Folk Tales illustrated children's – Comex Hall Association Kurdish Culture – Baghdad 1977.
  • Paintings for Children – Museum of Sulaymaniyah Hall- Kurdistan Iraq 1983.
  • Faces from the inside, Al-Orfaley Hall – Baghdad 1986.
  • Faces Cartoon Portrait – Hall of Baghdad – Baghdad 1988.
  • Wing from Feather's Cloud- Freehand – The Spanish Cultural Center Hall – Amman / Jordan 1992.
  • Freehand – Hall of Art Gallery – Tunisia 1993.
  • Hall of UtrechtNetherlands 1995.
  • Portrait caricature – Raza Hall Center- Utrecht – Netherlands 1997.
  • Freehand – Free Universe Hall- Berlin / Germany 1998.
  • First Land.. Second Sky-Freehand – Tablet Hall – London / England 2002.
  • Porter cartoon – Hall of Erbil Media- Kurdistan Iraq 2005.


  • Joint first award in the African-Arabic Cartoon Exhibition- Opera Gallery, Cairo/Egypt in 1990.

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