Alhazai is a private company which provides Internet-related products and services, including Bulk SMS, Blogging, Web Design and Social Network. The company generates its revenue from Google Adsense and other advertisement services from corporations.

The company was founded by Zubairu Dalhatu Malami together with Bashir Madaki Dalhatu and Zainab Ali Ibrahim as co-founders in 2012. The company host and develops a number of Internet services ranging from e-Commerce to Micro Blogging, and manages Muryar Arewa and Kannywood Online. Alhazai was incorporated as a private company on March 26, 2012 in London, United Kingdom and later in Abuja, Nigeria. The company's mission was to maintain and continually strive to improve courteous and efficient professional services globally with a vision of an internationally accepted corporation with progressive social economic development, achieved via a steady momentum of economic reforms, international relations and international business development and investment.

About The Company

Alhazai is fast becoming a top household name mostly in it is operational areas and the Internet. The company is always working to make it is services commonly distinguished around the World. Alhazai provide historic and modern day information through it is media output, with news and other cultural values exclusively to the internet users and the world at large. Alhazai vision for the future modernization of Media output is to be the foremost company that gives access to the world on the World Wide Web from the core of Internet.[1]

Products and services

The company's policy is to outshine the cost-effectiveness of existing communication based foundation systems through modernization of Media output to a dynamic informational outfit. So as well, the company develop web pages, informational databases, and marketplace as well as the commercial publication of electronic productivity and manages social services via World Wide Web.

SMS Galleria

SMS Galleria[2] is an emerging short message service (SMS) provider around the world, providing web based SMS link to various networks across the globe. Operating as on the World Wide Web, the company become pioneer web portal SMS gateway provider that delivers instantly to the world a reliable and valuable end user service.

SMS Galleria offer simple SMS gateway connectivity for those who need to SMS-enable their systems, websites, or applications. Using Application Programming Interface (API), integration is fast, simple and reliable! The company's API is immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into global gateways.

Muryar Arewa

Muryar Arewa[3] is a social network website which connects people from different perspective to discuss socio-economic and political issues around the globe. Users don't need to register to use the site, but must sign up to make use of some of the social features such as commenting and liking.

The website was launched in February 2012, and became part of Alhazai in March 2012. Muryar Arewa was founded by Zubairu Dalhatu Malami. The website name was derived from the Northern Nigeria slogan "Voice of the North" and was initially focusing on news blogging only before expanding it to social services.

Users of Muryar Arewa upload music files and photos, and also add video links from Youtube and Vimeo. They can also create blogs and articles as well as Groups and Classified Ads.

Vehicle Tracker

Alhazai is an Authorised Distributor of Tramigo Trackers providing Nigeria with tracking equipment for individuals, small businesses and fleet owners.

Tramigo T22 Car Tracking Device is the best selling GPS vehicle security and fleet management product now around the World. T22 Car Tracking Device enables car owner to know always where their vehicles are and is easy to install to any car, truck or heavy vehicle. It can be installed fully hidden and powered from vehicle’s battery.

T22 Car Tracking Device has special version for each country using local language and local TLD landmarks. There are no monthly or annual fees; the user only pays the normal price of the SMS messages sent.

Kannywood Online

Kannywood Online is an entertainment source for Hausa Movies from Alhazai, publishing news, articles, photos and posting videos for celebrities from Hausa Movie Industry. Also selling Hausa Movies on Amazaon UK.[4]

Awards & Achievements

Alhazai through it is Kannywood Channel, received Iyan-Tama Multimedia Award of Excellence in 2010.[5]


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