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Alexis Tembra Zafeiriou, birth name Tembra B Baxter, was born in Bedford, Texas to Blaine Wilson Baxter and Beverly Ann Baxter on August 14, 1973. Her family consisted of NFL players, Secret Service agents, professional motorcycle racers, pilots, military heroes, and a long line of proud Cherokee. Alexis was raised around a variety of influences that broadened her view of the world tremendously. At a very early age she was visiting orphanages in Mexico with her grandfather, Charles Edward Baxter, a history teacher at North Richland Hills High School. Always feeling comfortable in Mexico from the hundreds of trips she began traveling more including Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Alexis has a degree in History and Anthropology from NMSU, her teaching certification for English as a second language, her teaching certification for Hatha Yoga and Meditation, her pharmacy license, and is an ordained minister. This array of trades allows her to do volunteer work wherever she travels in lue of room and board. At the age of eight years old, Alexis was asked what she wanted to do when she grew up and she simply responded, "to save the world, that's why I was born." Ever since she was a child she has spent her life carrying this burden upon her shoulders, always believing that this was her duty and resposibility. She continues today traveling the world and trying to save the world.

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