Alexandr Kostya was born June 21, 1986 in Moscow, Russia. At an early age, nearing the millennium, Alexandr was introduced to the nightclub scene and fell in love, not with any one person- but with the vibe. The vibe of the European nightclub scene was unlike any other. Alexandr became involved in promoting nightclubs in Eastern Europe on a small scale before his “unusual” club and party themes became too big of a concept to contain.

Alexandr travelled throughout Europe promoting countless successful parties and clubs with outrageous themes, keeping true to the original insurmountable vibe of the nightclub scene he grew up in. In the last decade, Alexandr was involved in promotions with Bar Luch in Moscow, Russia (a bar transformed from an old light bulb factory); Barbados Bar in Moscow; Rolling Stone Bar in Moscow; Gipsy Bar in Moscow; Premier Lounge in Moscow; 8 Seasons Club in Munich, Germany; Pacha Night Club in Munich; Watergate Club in Berlin, Germany; Amnesia in Ibiza[1], Spain; Moma Nightclub in Madrid, Spain; 11 Clubroom in Milan, Italy; La Cabala Nightclub in Rome, Italy; just to name a few. No matter the venue, Alexandr takes his guests out of reality, and into his world.

After numerous disagreements and irreconcilable differences with his European partners, Alexandr embodied a new alias and travelled to New York in early 2012 to experience nightlife in the city that never sleeps. Although he had a ball, it was nothing compared to the club scene in Europe. It was missing the “vibe”. It was missing his unconventional themes that his crowd has grown accustomed to. Alexandr saw an opportunity; he felt obliged to give the New York Metropolitan area the club scene it deserves.

  1. Ibiza
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