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Life and Career

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Alexa Lemley is the Executive Chef at Lemley’s Catering and 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows. She runs this company with her business and life partner Samantha Aulick. Both companies are located in the Chef’s hometown of Columbus Indiana. Chef Alexa is no stranger to the food industry she started working for her families catering company as a child. [1] She has learned all of her cooking skills along the way. She described her culinary school as one of hard knocks, just learning along the way. In 2001 she took over the daily operations of her families catering business. Lemley’s Catering has been in business since 1968.[2]

Alexa has great ambitions for her life, She is quoted as saying that her top three goals are “Global domination of the gourmet candy market, open a wild animal sanctuary with a snack bar (or at least a small petting zoo).” Also she wants to “Travel the world to taste all of the flavors.” [3]


In 2009 Chef Alexa was named as an Indiana Artisan. “An Indiana Artisan is a Hoosier recognized for careful attention to detail, knowledge of a craft and an entrepreneurial spirit. Their extraordinary talent contributes to Indiana's reputation for quality work.” [4] Because of this honor Chef Alexa was chosen as an Artist in Residence at the Indiana State Museum for two consecutive years. This program allowed Lemley a chance to promote her locally based products to the state of Indiana.

In 2012 Edible Indy readers voted Chef Alexa as the Best Food Artisan. She won this award because of her gourmet marshmallows. Her catering company Lemley’s Catering was voted best Chef/Restaurant. She beat out chefs and restaurants from across the state of Indiana. [5]


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