Alaina Rose Quewezance was born on October 2,2002 at 9:10am . She Lives in Wabaseemoong Independent Nations 120km from Kenora,Ontario,she is anishnaabe so don't hate. Her parents are Laura Alice Quewezance and Norman Vincent Quewezance.She has 2 sisters named Chynica Rae Quewezance and Tyra Shaye Quewezance and 1 Foster brother named Latrelle Evans James Michaud. She is a soccer goalie in Kenora,Ontario. Her Friends are Carter Caden Carpenter, Marcus Ryan Carpenter, Ocean Dawn Berens,Rayanne Leigh McDonald, Serenity McDonald,Danika Prouty,Ally Kenner, Abbie Elison, and Maghen Wesley. She is abit tomboyish oh yeah and she also in Grade 6 at the age of 10. She goes to Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School. She likes Austin Mahone. She fought Marcey Muckle and Alaina won the fight so yeah peace :D

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