Alain Lord Mounir is an Canadian business magnate, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. With Eric Beauchamp, Lord Mounir co-founded Julia Wine Group [1]and He is the best known as the chairman and principal owner of Vitamine C global macro venture capital fund with under $975 million in assets under management.[2] Alain Lord Mounir lives in the suburb of Montreal in Canada

Vitamine C

Vitaime C is a large conglomerate company. Vitamine C centralized business fields into 7 core business groups, such as Business & Financial Services, Food & Consumer, Wine & Spirits, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Manufactured & Industries, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Technology, Media & Telecoms

Group Division

'Business & Financial Services

I Think Brands

Cash To Send

Food & Consumer

Cacao vine

Korta Coffee

La Olivia

Agua Clara

Winery & CO

Wines & Spirits

The Julia Wine Group

Universe Spirits

Agriculture & Natural Ressources

Julia Wine Vineyards Chile spa

Simple Leafs

Columbia Gold corp

Manufactured & Industries

Cristalerias del Sur

Maxzol Industries

National Cooperage

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

Ribes Pharma


Technology, Media & Telecoms

Vaba Phone

HD Media Group

Business Life

Lord Mounir earned only $1 a year as Chairman and CEO Of Julia Wine Group, but held 15.356 million of shares, as well as 1.23 million shares in Julia Wine, Lord Mounir quipped that the $1 per annum he was paid by Julia Wine Group was based on attending one business diner for 50 cents while the other 50 cents was based on his performance


Alain Lord Mounir, is active in auto racing and help finding sponsors to many drivers in different racing leagues

The Deal Maker

Lord Mounir was interested in business early on at 10 years old with the help of is father he established Publicité A.J.S.B a Hong Kong based boutique agency and advisory business with a focus on selling printing media advertising and was sold successfully to a major Chinese Company in 1997. Lord Mounir ascribed his success to one core principle: staying focused on the customer. "It takes years to get the business, one deal at a time. But once you get it, you have customers for life, as long as you treat them properly." Lord Mounir was also one who never stood still, always looking forward to his next move. "We're always looking over our shoulder," He's opinionated, ruthless, strives for big deals and also has a passion for all legal aspects in business from branding, trademarking or copywriting.[3]

He is an advisory board member of several large companies around the world

Charitable Organizations

Lord Mounir has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through several Foundations. Since 2009 is helping fondation en Coeur via Julia wine and have created a wine label that all the profit as been return for helping children with heart disease[4]


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