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As per Text of Al-kitab this word AL-kitab has many attributes, like Quran, Furqan. [1]
As per people understanding or views, Moosa (pbuh), Easa (pbuh) and Dawood (pbuh) got three different Books of Allah, They use to reffer As Torah, four Gospels, and Zabur Qur'an. Due to usage of these words most of the people are reffereing verses of Book Of Allah to establish their concepts. In Book of Allah is written that Easa (pbuh) has the knowledge of four things i.e AL-kitab, Al-Hikamt, At-taurat and AL-Injeel. To undertsnad these terms as per text of AL-kitab, The term AL-kitab must be understand from the text of AL-kitab first, which is revealed with all prophets, [2] in this ayats prophets are in plural and the book is singular i.e AL-kitab is with all prophets.
Not only this ayat tells that all prophets got one AL-kitab there are many ayats telling by names of prophets whom Allah has given the same AL-kitab.
This Al-kitab has two types of ayats, one type is mohkumat i.e ayats having orders[3], The ayats having orders of Allah are called ("hukum Allah") and this hukum Allah is in At-taurah of AL-kitab[4]At-taurah is with prophets which are in plural, All the prophets governed with At-taurah. [5] , That is why At-taurah of Al-kitab is not Reffering to Torah given to Moses (pbuh) alone. No where in Book of Allah is written that Moosa (pbuh) got only ("Torah") but got Al-kitab, Furqan.[6] This is the reason that actual quotations from the Torah in the Qur'an are very few and inexact. Because At-taurah of Al-kitab and Hebrew Torah are two different books. Al-kitab is referring it's governing ayats to At-taurah and not to Hebrew Torah. The books from which the people are taking information about the word "kutub" and refering to previous scriptures are also not sent down by Allah [7].


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