Al-Khidhir District
—  District  —
Country Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq
Governorates Al Muthanna Governorate
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

Al-Khidhir District is a district of the Al Muthanna Governorate, Iraq.

Districts of Iraq and capitals
Al Anbar Governorate

Al-Qa'im District (Al-Ka'im) •Ar Rutba District (Al-Rutba)• Anah District (Anah) • Falluja District (Falluja) • Haditha District (Haditha) • Hīt District (Hīt) •Ramadi District (Ramadi)

Al Muthanna Governorate

Al-Khidhir District (Al-Khidhir) • Al-Rumaitha District (Al-Rumaitha) • Al-Salman District (Al-Salman) • Al-Samawa District (Samawa)

Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate

Afaq District (Afaq) • Al-Shamiya District (Al-Shamiya) • Diwaniya District (Diwaniya) • Hamza District (Hamza)

Babil Governorate

Al-Mahawil District (Al-Mahawil) • Al-Musayab District (Al-Musayab) • Hashimiya District (Hashimiya) • Hilla District (Hilla)

Baghdad Governorate

Abu Ghraib DistrictAl Istiqlal DistrictAl-Mada'in DistrictMahmudiya District (Mahmudiya) • Taji DistrictAl Tarmia District
Baghdad:AdhamiyahKarkhKaradahKadhimyahMansourSadr CityAl RashidRusafa9 Nissan

Basra Governorate

Abu Al-Khaseeb District (Abu Al-Khaseeb) • Al-Midaina District (Al-Midaina) • Al-Qurna District (Al-Qurna) • Al-Zubair District (Al-Zubair) • Basrah District (Basrah) • al-Faw District (al-Faw) • Shatt Al-Arab District (Shatt Al-Arab)

Dhi Qar Governorate

Al-Chibayish District (Al-Chibayish) • Al-Rifa'i District (Al-Rifa'i) • Al-Shatra District (Al-Shatra) • Nassriya District (Nassriya) • Suq Al-Shoyokh District (Suq Al-Shoyokh)

Diyala Governorate

Al-Khalis District (Al-Khalis) • Al-Muqdadiya District (Al-Muqdadiya) • Baladrooz District (Baladrooz) • Ba'quba District (Ba'quba) •Khanaqin District (Khanaqin) • Kifri District (Kifri)

Dohuk Governorate

Amadiya District (Amadiya) • Dohuk District (Dohuk)• Sumel District (Sumel) • Zakho District (Zakho)

Arbil Governorate

Makhmur District (Makhmur) • ArbilKoisanjaq District (Koisanja) • Shaqlawa District (Shaqlawa)• Soran DistrictMergasur DistrictChoman District

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