Akado (赤道[ɑk'ɑːdɔ] the red way; the bloody/bloodstained way) is a Russian rock band, founded in 2002, which describes its style as visual rock. The band's sound incorporates many musical styles such as industrial, gothic metal, and dark ambient. The band released their Ep Oxymoron no2 in 2008, and their only single Osnophobia in 2011.

Band members pay special attention to their appearance: Our main idea is to be interesting to people not only by our music but by our exterior as well. This is what visual rock is. <div style="


Early years (2001–2003)

In 2001, while still at school in a Sovetsky township, Nikita "Shein" Shatenew (lead vocals, songwriter, rhythm guitar) founded the rock band Blokada with classmates Igor "Lackryx" Likarenko (bass, recitative), Alexander Grechushkin (lead guitar), and Grigory "Green" Arkhipov (drums).

In 2002, the band recorded and released a demo-album ТихоеГенеалогическоеСамовыражение (The Silent Genealogical Self – Expression) which consisted of 13 track. It sold through the 500 CD copies they'd made in a short time. Soon the band was invited to various events, they played several open-air and club concerts that included a show in Tampere, Finland.

Creation of AKADO (2003-2007)

At the beginning of the year 2003, Shatenew, Likarenko and Arkhipovz moved to Saints Petersburg. They decided to change the name of the band. The old name had been chosen by accident and did not reflect their desired ideology. But they didn't want to change the whole spelling of the word Blokada because the audience was used to it and some letters of this word were part of the band's logo. So Shatenew rearranged the letters to form the new name, AKADO. He attached to this word Japanese characters «red» (jp. 赤[ɑkɑ], «red color») and «way» (jp. 道['miti]or [dɔ], «way», «road»). Thereby this name denotes the red way and the members of the band gave it the meaning the bloody/bloodstained way. However, in Japanese these two characters have another meaning: (jp. 赤道[se'kidɔ), equator.[1] The band gives to each person an opportunity to interpret this word as far as he understands and accepts.

At the first year in the university Nikita Shatenew met Anatoly «Stinger» Rubtsov who was very good at many computer and multimedia disciplines and composed electronic music. Subsequently Nikita made up his mind to make Anatoly the manager of the Akado. Meanwhile Shein invites his fellow-student Nikolay «Chaotic» Zagoruyko to the band on back vocals. So the band got an over-driven vocal (growling).

Shatenew defined the genre of the Akado as the «visual rock» and by his sketches ordered his first suit for concerts. The rest members of the band refused the visual part in their images. Soon the Akado recorded their first demo in the St.-Petersburg studio «DDT» - «animИЗМ». The CD was never released because something went wrong with the computer which kept the material. The same time Shatenew and Rubtsov created an official web-site.

Eventually all the group realized the success of the visual part and agreed to wear suits. At that time guys recorded and uploaded to the web a demo-track called “Ostnophobia”

In 2005, for a short period of time, the band was joined by DJ Katrin with whom they played several concerts. Then their ways parted, but later she made a couple of remixes on the Akado`s songs.

In 2006, the manager of the group Anatoly “Stinger” Rubtsov was invited to make samples and run the electronic part of their music. In the new line-up the band played a series of concerts, including their first show in Moscow.

In the same period, the group, while in St. Petersburg, began to work on a promo EP-album «Kuroi Aida» . Recording took place at the St. Petersburg studio "Egorov". During the recording of the material back-vocalist Chaotic decided to finish playing music and return to his home town Novosibirsk.

Wide fame (2007-2008)

In 2007 the group completed «Kuroi Aida». The mini-album included the tracks «Gilles De La Tourette», «Бо (Ль) Га», «Kuroi Aida», as well as remixes for the last two songs. There also was a remix that combined all three of the songs - «Oxymoron».

The album had been posted on the Internet for free download and was downloaded from the official site about 30 000 times. That year the group moved to Moscow.

Shatenew took the overdriven vocals besides pure on himself, and therefore decided not to play the guitar during live performances. So the group found a new member - guitarist Alexander «Vinter» Lagutin.A part of the overdriven vocals was also entrusted to Rubtsov («STiNGeR»).

To the role of the new manager came Anna Shafranskaya and immediately organized for AKADO several appearances at Moscow clubs.

Then the group shot their first video (on the song «Бо(ль)га») and performed in several cities in the CIS. The band took part in many photo-shoots. There had been many articles about them published in music and underground culture magazines. But in spite of the success,relations between the musicians were becoming more and more tense. Most of the group didn't share Shein's future plans and views so, in the result, by the time the band was preparing to record their debut album, Lackryx (bass), Green (drums) and Vinter (lead guitar) simultaneously left the group which left Shein and STiNGeR remaining.

New line-up (2008–2010)

For the five months the band virtually didn't exist. After that Shein concluded the treaty of the line production with «Diagilev Production» but still had the right to be the art director and the music producer of the band.

In 2008 after the long search new musicians for the band were found: a bassist Artiom Kozlov, who got the nickname “Miomi” in the band and a drummer Vasily “Ghost” Gorshkov. A little later a guitarist Dmitry “Kelly” Yugay was accepted to the new official line-up of the band.

Shatenew chose the best of the old material and the band returned to rehearsals. They rearranged the old songs and started to work on new. At March 23, 2008 in the concert at the Moscow club “Б2” the audience saw the new line-up, concert stuff and image of the Akado.

At that time the band concluded the treaty with the recording studio «Uniphonix» and recorded the new EP «Oxymoron № 2» which included the title track “Oxymoron № 2” composed by Miomi and the song “Dirty Easter” . Besides these two tracks, there were several remixes as the remix on «Oxymoron № 2» by the Britain DJ In'r' Voice made in the London Spiral Starship studio and the acoustic version of this song.

For the long six years we were struggling and trying not to let the Akado die. But every time when we got close to the question about the video clip we realized that the style and concept of the Akado excepts the opportunity of shooting a cheap, trite and poor-quality video. In 2007 our paths crossed with the production center “Dyagilev”. They turned out to be very unusual people and didn't even think to interfere our creative work and change our ideas but took the decision of many problems that we couldn't get rid of for long time to themselves. The work on this video, on its visual side was the hardest thing that I have ever done in the Akado. The original idea, the style, the work on suits, make-up and haircuts of the members of the band, even the choreography of everyone – that were the things I had to do by myself. The song «Oxymoron № 2» tells that in one person can live things that seem to be very different, even incompatible. Such things as aggression and tenderness, beauty and moral ugliness, cruelty and mercy. In each of us there are two characters, two creations, two opinions and we are listening to one or to another part of us and once we come to understanding that this is what makes us the one.
— Nikita “Shein” Shatenew.     

1000 CD`s of the EP were sold during the first month.

They released their debut videoclip «Oxymoron № 2» shot by the company «Project Helix» and the director of this video was Evgeny “Priest”. The premier of «Oxymoron № 2» was held in specially organized events in Moscow and St. Petersburg and then it got rotation on Russian music channels.

After that band with support of the concert agency «SYN Promotion» went to the tour «Join The Oxymoron Tour 2008—2009». They gave more than 30 concerts in various cities of Russia and the CIS.

At the beginning of the year 2009 the band started to cooperate with three companies at once: the Dutch distributor of music equipment TC Electronic, the Russian distributor of the vacuum guitar tube amplifiers R’n’R Sound and the American youth clothes brand “Iron Fist”. In April the band went to the «Iron Fist Tour 2009».

At the same time the company R’n’R Sound released the signature model of the vacuum guitar tube amplifier «AKADO — Kelly R’n’R Signature Model» made and specially designed regarding the preferences of the guitarist of Akado, Kelly. As soon as the “Iron Fist” tour had been finished, the group settled for a long time in the studio to record their debut full-length conceptual album, the work on which by May 2011 still was continuing. The working title of the album is «AKADO — Convergence | XX XII».

Latest events (2010-present)

In May 2010 after the long discussion and by mutual consent Anatoly “Stinger” Rubtsov (technics, keys, backing vocals) left the band. At the beginning of 2011 the band was looking for a new technician.

2016 they released a single called Darkside

Band members

Current members

  • Nikita (Shein) Shatenew [ʃ at'enev] – lead vocals, songwriter, rhythm guitar, images, design of the clothes, original idea, concept, global directing and art production (2002–present)
  • MioMi – bass guitar (2008–present)
  • Kelly — lead guitar (2008–present)
  • Ghost — drums (2008–present)

Former members


  • The band was nominated to the award “RAMP 2008” in the following nominations: “Video of the year”, “Band of the year” and “Song of the year”.[2]
  • The frontman of the band Nikita Shatenew, by the results of an internet voting “Names of Russia – The Historic Choice 2009”, got in twenty in the category “Russian rock and alternative” and took the third place there.[3]
  • The song «Kuroi Aida» from the self-titled EP is a soundtrack to the Russian sitcom “Папины дочки” (“The Daddy`s Daughters”).[4]
  • In 2009 the Akado become the official Russian endorser and the headliner of the American youth clothes brand “Iron Fist”. The same year the bassist of the band Miomi was chosen to be one of bassists from all over the world to test the new bass amplifier RH450 produced by the Danish company TC Electronic.[5]
  • The band was nominated to Moscow Alternative Music Awards 2009 (M.A.M.A.) in such categories as “The Newcomer of the Year” and “The Band of the Year”.[6]
  • In 2010 the band negotiated a contract with the spokesmen of the American brand INOX and now they are the official persons of the company in Russia.[7]
  • The logo of the band consists of two hieroglyphs: «orangutan» (jp. 猩[sɜː], also has the meaning «bright red») and «the reverse side» (jp. 裏[rɪ], or ['urɑ]). In the video «Oxymoron 2» the name of the song appears written with the vertical writing 矛盾語法 (jp. [mudzjun'gɔhɔ]).
  • In 2008 in the magazine “Dark City” the Akado was in the list of the best new-comers.[8]



  • OSTNOFOBIA. Demo (2004)
  • Kuroi Aida EP (2007)
01 — Gilles De La Tourette,
02 — БО(ЛЬ)ГА,
03 — Kuroi AIDA,
04 — AIDA (DJ_Katrin Laws Of Germany Mix),
05 — Gods Pain (Max TroidFitere Remix).
06 — Oxymoron,
Voice training (bonus).
  • Oxymoron № 2 EP (2008)
01 — 001,
02 — Oxymoron № 2,
03 — Dirty Easter,
04 — Oxymoron № 2 (Karaoke Version),
05 — Dirty Easter (Instrumental Version),
06 — Oxymoron № 2 [Acoustic Mix],
07 — Thought Overload [B.F. Mix],
08 — ThreeplexIn’r' Voice [EBM Remix].
  • Unreleased
01 — KuroiAIDA (remix),
02 — {The First Lady}-mix Oximoron № 2.


БО(ЛЬ)ГА — Home video
The debut videoclip — Oxymoron № 2


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