The Ahbashism campaign is the term that has been applied to a program undertaken in mid 2011 by the Ethiopian government to quell the rise of Muslim extremism, especially Wahhabism, in the country.[1][2] The government installed several leaders of the Ahbash movement, a relatively recent sect of Islam that is seen as more moderate than Wahhabism, in key positions in the Ethiopian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs,[1] leading to protests among Ethiopian Muslims who claimed that the government was attempting to indoctrinate the country in a fringe sect of Islam.[1]


According to Ethiopian Muslim sources, in July 2011, “the Ethiopian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs” (popularly called “Majlisul A’ela” or “Majlis”) has started a country wide program aimed at educating the Muslim populace in the beliefs and doctrines of the politico-religious faction called Ahbash.[2] The program started by training the leaders of the Majlis committee of the districts and imams of the mosques and in the long run, it is feared that it will encompass all Muslims of the country.[2] It is believed by some Ethiopians that the United States is backing the program in its efforts to curb Islamic terrorism.[2]


Protests have arisen across Ethiopia in response to the government's Ahbashism campaign.[1] The protestors claim that the campaign represents an illegal repression of their religious freedom by the government.[1] The protestors accuse the government of torturing arrested protestors.[3] In May 2012, the protestors called for new elections to replace the leaders of the Supreme Council.[4]


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