AfterDreams is a Hard Rock band from Campana, (Bs. As Argentina) founded back in 2005 by Bryan Blade, Nicko Thunder and Paulie Danger. After many line-up changes the band finally reaches it’s current and stable formation which consists of the following members: Paulie Danger on lead vocals, Bryan Blade and Freddie Crazy both on guitars, Ernie Raven on bass, and last but not least Nicko Thunder on drums. With this new line-up the band found a new sound that nowadays is nothing but a trademark for Afterdreams. Their main influences are: Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Angra, Skid Row, Europe, Mötley Crüe, Kiss etc… In july of 2008 they entered the studio to record an EP which consists of 5 songs: Reality, Bloody Hands, Live Again, Tears with your Name, y Once Again. The recording process for the first full-length album took place between May of 2009 and February of the current 2010. This new album was mixed and mastered at La Nave de Oseberg Studios. The self-titled album is available to buy since April. In October 2011 started the recordings of "WildFire", an album highly anticipated by fans and many guests as Thomas Vikström and Christian Vidal from THERION, Russell Arcara from PROPHET, Emiliano Obregón from LÖRIHEN, Gabriel Di Fini from Dark Whisper, Christian Bertoncelli from Renacer...

The band played at the following venues: El Teatro, Groove, Club Asbury,Unione e Benevolenza, Akatraz, Ruta 26 (Del Viso) La Estación (Campana), Roosters Pub (Campana), Club Arsenal (Campana) Almacén cultural (Zárate), Club UOM (Zárate), among others. Ans shared the stage with: Sonata Arctica,Tarot, Jerikó, Renacer, Lörihen,Thiago Bianchi, Barilari, Alegory, Etherna, Tempestor, Seliger, Dark Whisper,Arpeghy, among others…

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