Advice Dog image macro sayings vary from adorable to horrifying.

Advice Dog started in the summer of 2008 on 4chan. The images took the website over. Like Western films of the 1950's, they were easy and quick to produce, and for some reason the audience kept eating them up.

Advice Dog spawned literally hundreds of spinoff memes, some better known than others. These include Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf, Philosoraptor, Art Student Owl, Foul Bachelor Frog, Psychology Student Platypus, Socially Awkward Penguin, Hipster Ariel, Annoying Facebook Girl, and Technologically Impaired Duck. It's a source of debate on many boards as to whether advice-spinoffs are being overused enough to "be taken behind the shed and sent to a better place." Advice Dog was the originator of the colored background with an image in the middle and stupid subtitles, and don't you forget it.

Memegenerator is now the main source for most Advice Dog and Advice Dog spinoff memes.

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