Adrian Bryant (born November 15, 1976) is an American athlete, personal trainer, fitness author, blogger and entrepreneur. Adrian is best known for which is the #2 weight loss website in the world behind weight watchers.[1] He is also known for his YouTube channel inshape4u that provides free home workouts. As of October 2012 his YouTube channel has more than 30,000 subscribers and 21 million video views.[2]

Early life

Bryant was born in South Boston, Virginia.

He received a degree in exercise science from Longwood University in 1998 (after switching from Sports Medicine).

After graduation, Bryant worked at his hometown YMCA in South Boston, Virginia as a personal trainer, lifeguard, babysitter and a maintenance man.[3] After being fired twice by the YMCA within 2 years, frustrated by his low salary and embarrassed by living at home with his parents, Bryant began putting a more serious effort into building his own Internet business.


Weight Loss Made Easy

In 1999, Bryant wrote "Weight Loss Made Easy" explaining the basics of weight loss. Weight Loss Made Easy also came with a diet and workout plan and would later include 3 workout DVDs. Even though Weight Loss Made Easy was a successful business for Bryant, he discontinued the product in 2004 to focus more time on expanding

Bryant created to help people do more than just lose weight but to help them look good naked. Bryant came to this realization after trying to come up with a USP (Unique Selling Position) for NowLoss. now helps over 1.5 million monthly visitors look good naked by losing weight, getting curves and/or building muscle.

The Look Good Naked DVD

Bryant is also well known for the free workout DVD he gives to visitors of The workouts are all pre-recorded with a voice over track of him motivating users as if he were in the room with them. [4]

Personal life

Bryant is not married and claims to never have had a girlfriend and openly admits he is a virgin. He has joked that he will star in the prequel to the 40-year-old virgin called the 36-year-old virgin. Bryant is not a virgin due to religious reasons. “A combination of shyness and being overly busy contributes to my virginity”

Bryant is also an avid comic book collector and he has attended Comic-Con 2009-to-2012.


Dr. Ritu Gosain commented on Bryant's exercises that "I have found them every effective not only in the cases of weight loss but some of the exercises are good for improving bone density and treatment of various diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle management."[5]

Charity & Volunteer Work

Bryant has donated to many different charities, including the Special Olympics, the National Alliance for Youth Sports and the Karma Foundation. Bryant also still volunteers at the same YMCA he was fired from.[6] Bryant also devotes 1 week each summer to run the Hook a kid on Golf program that gives 20 kids from his area a free set of golf clubs.

Bryant is also in charge of heading up the strong kids programs and healthy kids day events in South Boston, Virginia.[7][8]


In 2012 Bryant was highly criticized for his "NowLoss Diet: Lose Weight Faster Eating Whatever You Like". Critics debated over whether or not eating sugary, salty and fatty foods could actual help you lose weight faster.

A consensus was reached by critics and fans alike that Bryant's argument that a "calorie is a calorie" was a valid one and although you can lose weight eating whatever you like, Your health and outward appearance would suffer greatly.[9]


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