The Adelphikos Fraternity (spelled αδελφικός), formed in 1913, is a Grove City College (Pennsylvania, United States) fraternity that originally consisted of 10 members. The Adelphikos were the second fraternity on campus, and the first to use Greek letters. The fraternity began struggling in the late 1970s, committing many violations of campus rules which resulted in the revocation of their charter during the 1990s.[1] The fraternity was re-founded in 2000 as a Christian brotherhood and has begun to reconnect with old alumni as well as kept in contact with more recent alumni. Its current members are seeking to preserve the history and tradition of the fraternity with a conscious effort to learn from both tradition and previous members while staying true to a Christian framework.

Notable alumni

Peter J. Boettke, economist at George Mason University
Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of FreedomWorks
David M. Bailey, singer/songwriter


  1. The Official Adelphikos Fraternity Website.

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