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Adel Greenbottle
Lucy Beale
Adel Greenbottle as played by Hetti Bywater
Cape Hill character
Portrayed by Hetti Bywater
Introduced by Steve Frost
Duration 2012-13
First appearance 12 July 2012
Last appearance 19 December 2013 (corpse)
Classification Present; regular
Date of birth 21 June 1979
Date of death 4 December 2013
Home 299 Shenstone Road
Occupation Student (2012)
Prostitute (2012-13)

Adel Greenbottle is a fictional character from the Upcoming Soap Opera Cape Hill,She is portrayed by Hetti Bywater

Storyline 2012-13

Her first storyline when she appears on Cape Hill, As the character will take drugs Cocaine and will have to be Hospitalised,Then it will be announced that she is Pregnant after Oral sex with Jason who decides to move in with her,This will take place in August 2012. In September Victoria Alfred will announce that she is her daughter.On Christmas Day 2012 she will start becoming a Prostitute which will lead to Jason leaving her to cope on her own with there child Peter who will be born in October,Then in February she decides to adopt a child and abandon Peter,Which she does which leaves her with lots of trouble in her hands. Then she will go and live with her mentally Ill mother when she returns Jason is back demanding money which she spent on a Luxury handbag while she was away he then starts beating her which eventually leads to Rape,She will take a small break before on 4 December she will commit suicide. Her Corpse will be found in a car (probably Jason's)

Short Break 2013

She will take a short break before she returns in December.


Studying Biology in University In one episode Hetti Bywater filmed scenes of her cutting open a corpse which caused bosses to cut the scenes

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